Is it just me, or has this week just flown by? No complaints here though. After being away all last weekend we have no big plans for the weekend, perhaps a movie night, but other than that I just plan on relaxing.



This week has been my heavy week for my lifts and everything has gone pretty well, not amazing, but not terrible either. Today was deadlift day and after them feeling off for the past few weeks I was happy I was able to pull 300lbs without a grind. I called it there for today because while it felt alright, I don’t think I had much more in the tank. Part of lifting is knowing when to not push yourself. You can’t max out every week and as much as I love a new PR I know well enough when to hold back. I’m thinking I’ll take next week as a bit of a deload to rest up for my next 3 week cycle.



Speaking of lifting, I’m starting a Women’s Learn to Lift program here at my gym! I’m so excited to introduce heavy lifting to more women and show them how amazing it feels and the benefits it offers. We have women from 16 right up to their mid 50’s squat, deadlift and bench. There is nothing I love more than having a girl who was once apprehensive about lifting say ‘can we go heavier?’ Focus on the weight on the bar and the scale will usually follow (not that the scale is the be all end all…like at all).



Anywho I’m editing a few more videos to share for next week but thought today would be a good opportunity to share some of my recent faves with all of you.



1. This article by Jen Comas Keck:



Click HERE to read



2. My latest produce haul:




I scored a torso sized bag of spinach for $1.50, some funky heirloom tomatoes for $1, a bunch of peppers for $4 (yes for all of those) and a big ass butternut squash, perfect for stuffing.



3. I love Google’s auto backup and how it automatically saves all the pictures from my phone to my google profile. This way I can keep my phone clear and know that all my pictures are ready and waiting on any google device. I also love the auto-awesome feature which spruces up pictures automatically.






4. I loved this photo series, seriously check it out.



Click HERE to view



5. This plyo move will have your quads burning…I love/hate it.




6. These songs


Machine Gun Kelly – Sail





Waka Flocka – What’s Poppin? Feat. A-Wax & Bakery Brad




I’ve actually had some people tell me I like inappropriate music which I think is kind of funny. If it offends you, don’t listen to it. Simple as that.



7. These new ceramic green pans I picked up at Costco.



I love kitchen gadgets <3


I got both for $39 and I LOVE them! They heat up really well and evenly so I can cook all my food on a lower temperature setting and they are super non-stick, like I don’t use anything when I make my scrambled eggs. I read some reviews after I bought them (I bought them on whim but read up on them before I opened the box and stuff) and there were quite a few negative reviews but I think it’s because people didn’t read the instructions that came with them. Oils like olive oil that have a low smoke point shouldn’t be used on the pan as it may cause discoloration. I use grape seed or avocado oil most of the time so it’s not an issue.


8. I did this workout with my bootcampers and they ‘liked’ it.


count up count down



9. I’ve started working with a few online clients, which has been awesome. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m going to get into on a regular basis or not yet, haven’t decided. I mainly specialize in helping people reach strength goals – if you’re stuck or stalling with your lifts or are just looking for a progressive program holler at me. I don’t do bodybuilder style splits (chest/back, bi’s/tri’s), just not my thing. I work in 6-8 week training cycles depending on your goals. I can also help with macros and general nutrition advice but I don’t do super in depth meal plans, just guidance. So yeah, shameless personal promotion but I seriously love helping people get strong.



10. I took the time to do my nails the other day and I feel all pretty and girly now.


Ya I know it’s a hack job and my cuticles are awful but cut me some slack. I lift heavy stuff up and put it down – I’m no beauty expert.



My nails may look nice but my callouses are another story.





I wouldn’t trade them in though, they’re a sign of my hard work. Plus, they’re kinda bad ass right?


10. My new morning beverage of choice



It’s cookies and cream whey by Muscle Pharm


You can get a 5lb tub at Costco for like $45. It’s delicious.



And David Rio Orca Spice Sugar Free Chai Mix



Chester being a creep in the back haha.
I got this at Sobey’s in the tea section.




I just blend the scoop of protein with 2 tbsp of the mix, so good!





So yeah, that’s what I’m about these days. I’m off to do some more of the work thing, then it’s home to relax. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!



Friday Faves {04/25}

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