I am a huge believer in eating mini meals throughout the day. I am what some people call a grazer, eating small amounts of food throughout the day. I recommend eating at least 6 times a day, I’m usually between 6-8 times depending on the size of the meals/snacks and how my day is structured. Eating more often not only keeps your metabolism revved up but it also helps keep your energy levels elevated as your body has fuel constantly fed to it.
Here are some of my favourite whole food snack ideas to help keep you moving.
Almonds are a great take anywhere snack. I keep a small amount with me in either a little baggie or container most of the time. An ounce of almonds has appx 165 calories, 6g of protein and 3g of fiber. They also contain healthy fats, calcium and have no cholesterol.
Avocado is another snack item high in healthy fat that should keep you satisfied. It’s high in fiber and vitamin C and antioxidants. Avocado is great on top of your favourite salad, on its own or served up as zesty guacamole which can be eaten with veggies or whole wheat pita.
Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt is just starting to catch on here in North America and when you look at its health benefits it’s a wonder it took so long. Each 3/4 cup serving of fat free yogurt contains 18g of protein and 50% of your daily calcium intake. The yogurt can be substituted for sour cream in many dips and dressings and can also be eaten like regular yogurt with the addition of sweetener/honey and fruit.
Unsweetened Apple Sauce

Most people know how good apples are for us but sometimes we need a little change up in the routine. Unsweetened apple sauce is delicious and the fiber will keep you full longer. I like to buy the unsweetened and then jazz it up myself with either cinnamon and sweetener or fresh/frozen berries.

Protein Shake
Most people, women especially probably are not getting enough protein in their diet, at least not good quality protein. I love protein shakes because they’re quick and easy and can be brought with you on the go. Now I mix up my own shakes with either just protein powder and water or with mixed berries. I don’t really recommend the pre-mixed ones because a lot of the time they will have added sugar. Also be weary of protein bars, most of them contain crappy protein and tons of sugar and carbs.

Sugar Snap Peas
Sugar snap peas make a great crunchy snack. I buy them in small bags that have already been pre-washed and are ready to go. A handful of these and I get some dark green veggies and fiber all in one delicious simple snack.

In my next post I’ll go over a few really basic recipes for more snack ideas!

Foods that fill you up, not out

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