Hey friends, happy hump day! This week feels like it’s lagging a bit which is probably because I have a lot on my plate but I’m pushing through and will thoroughly enjoy this coming weekend.


I wanted to thank you for checking out the training and food log I started, most people seem to enjoy the idea so I’m going to keep it up. It makes it easy for me to update all of you on days that I don’t have time to write up a full post. I posted a short video from my bench session yesterday so make sure you hop on over and check that out.


I wanted to take minute to talk about food. I LOVE food. I love all kinds of food, sweet, spicy, baked, roasted, BBQ’d – you name it. Most people now a days seem to be on some type of diet or meal plan. Most people will also tell you they’d like to lose some weight. In their quest to lose weight but not give up taste most people are turning to food like substances.



Waaay back before the convenience of modern day society people used to flourish off of things that were readily available to them. Their diet was lower in calorie – but high in nutrients. Today we face the exact opposite problem, our diet is high in calories and void of real nutrients.


Because there are so many chemicals out there that can make things taste good, we are turning to these products with 15+ ingredients when there should really only be one or two all in the name of trying to save a few calories.


What happens when we eat these products is that they satisfy our immediate need, but leave us feeling hungry shortly after. Many times there is no real substance to what you’re shoving in your mouth – you do it for the sensation that you’re eating but really you’re not fuelling your body the way it deserves.


Take for instance those 100 calorie packs that have become popular lately. Oreo, Ritz, Hostess…the list goes on and on. These products offer no real nutritional value and are chock full of additives and low in important things like protein and fiber. You’d be soooo much better off having a higher calorie snack comprised of real food!
100 crap calories
People are so concerned with calories when they should be concerned with the quality of food. I have people ask me if avocados and olive oil is really healthy because it’s so high in calories. The calories in these things come from heart healthy fats that will leave you feeling satisfied and do amazing things for your body – but people are afraid of them because they don’t want to go over their 1200 calorie a day ‘diet’.


Even though I’m eating higher glycemic carbs 3-4 nights a week the foods I’m choosing are all things that I make. We’re having pizza for dinner tomorrow for our high carb meal but instead of getting some gross freezer pizza I make the dough from scratch! Yes I’ll be using white flour for the insulin spike but I can pronounce all of the ingredients it takes to put that dough together, and it really only takes 10 minutes of my time. I would way rather eat something homemade and higher calorie than something lower calorie but chemical laden.



If I’m going to indulge I’d way rather take the time to make something myself. I want to know what’s going into my body. For me it’s not about saving calories it’s about eating whole foods – even if those foods include sugar and flour once in a while.


I am by no means a perfect eater – at all! I use things like Jell-O, and drink mixes and sometimes mini eggs are just too good to pass up, but I don’t make these things a staple in my diet. Take a look in your cupboard, how much is pre-packaged and how much is whole foods (think beans, grains)? If you have more packaged food than whole food, maybe it’s time to re-think your eating strategy.


Whole foods keep you full longer and help you perform better. They may not be as convenient but if it’s important to you, you’ll make time. Take time out to prep foods, make your own trail mix, portion out your own food – your body will thank you.


Food Like Substances
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      Thanks so much! I hope to do a more in depth one soon 🙂


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