Hey everyone, hope you all had an awesome break. We were very, very busy here at the gym. Most of our CIS athletes were home for the break and it’s always nice¬†to have them back in the gym all together since most now play for different universities around Ontario.

powerhousecollageI feel very lucky to get to do what I do everyday ūüôā

I also launched The 30 Day Shred program for my female clients looking to make a big change in 2015. It obviously includes workouts with me at the gym but I also ¬†included a complete nutrition guide. I’m not a fan of providing super strict plans with a list of foods you have to eat at certain times. I’ve been on those plans and grew to resent the foods I was permitted to eat and always craved the foods I was banned from eating. I¬†prefer trying to educate people on proper portion control and how to fuel your body. Educate people so they can have¬†lasting results, not just results that get¬†while you’re on a meal plan.

Shred in  30 Good

It’s the perfect time for me to be doing this with the girls at the gym because I have a goal of my own to reach in the next couple¬†weeks. Before the holidays I was contacted by a local photographer and he asked if I’d be interested in doing a photo shoot. At first I thought¬†that it would be too soon after the holidays, but then I realized that I don’t have to be stage¬†lean to have a fun photo shoot.¬†I’m doing this just for me – not anyone else.

To get ready I’m not going to do anything crazy; no excessive, long cardio sessions, no restricting my calories to scary numbers (I’m still not counting calories actually), nothing extreme. I’m going to keep up with the carb backloading that I’ve been using and just keep things a little bit more dialed in.I¬†will also add in a few¬†short, but intense HIIT sessions throughout the week.¬†Here’s my starting point:


I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on how it goes. I’m looking forward to having a fun short term goal to work towards.


I’m off to write up training programs for my clients and come up with a few fun HIIT workouts that I plan on sharing. Hope everyone has an awesome day!

Fit Photo Shoot Prep
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