Howdy! Wow, not too sure why I used howdy, might have something to with the fact that I’m watching GCB right now and the south is rubbing off on me. How was everyone’s weekend? I hope it was excellent! Mine was pretty laid back and relaxing. Had some of the girls over on Saturday and Steve and I spent the evening watching movies and shows on History TV and then Sunday we went out to look for a new road bike for me and got all of our grocery shopping done. Steve was still kinda under the weather this weekend and staying in seemed to be just what the doctor ordered as he’s feeling much better now.

Sunday evening it was so nice out that I thought it was time to bust out the BBQ for the season. We haven’t used it since we moved and I was sooooo excited to fire that bad boy up.

Isn't she a beauty?

I love to BBQ. There’s just something so comforting about it for me as my dad used to BBQ all the time in the summer and doing it just reminds me of him. Steve and I had some delicious chicken breast with Diana’s sauce on it and grilled asparagus with sea salt, pepper & garlic. I also whipped up some low fat scalloped potatoes in the microwave to complete the meal. The chicken was juicy and moist and I love the way it caramelizes the BBQ sauce.

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Steve called his plate the ‘ man-maker’ plate.

Hope all of you had a fantastic Monday! I will be backtomorrow with a home workout for all of you as well as a video of my workout from today. I’m going to try to update the Get Fit section more often now that I have this new blog so keep me posted on any workouts you’d like to see!


Have you started up your grill yet?

What’s your favourite BBQ meal?


First Grill of the Season

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