Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty laid back. Saturday was quiet and Steve and I had some training programs and meal plans to write up so we got that done and then finally watched the Wolf of Wall Street. Sunday had some more work thrown in but we also got to enjoy a basketball game and dinner with my future in-laws.

With last week being my first week of my new training program I experienced longer lasting/increased DOMS and I kinda love it.  I’m back to upper/lower splits and still training 6 days a week. I’ll get more into my training in another post but here are some fun videos of what I’ve been up to (If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen these):


Like I said, I’ve been sore almost every single day but I love switching things up and challenging myself. I also enjoyed lots of delicious food last week:

I also had a food fail when I dropped my bowl of popcorn….

so upsetting


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge after dinner snacker (especially since I’m carb backloading). Back in the day that meant I would eat a whole sleeve of crackers with jam, but today I try and make decisions that are in line with my goals. Here are some of my favourite after dinner snacks that won’t weigh you down:


Apple with Cinnamon 

apple cinnamon
Apple and cinnamon w/ coconut


Easy Apple Berry Crisp (recipe HERE)

Apple Berry Crisp
I like to enjoy this after my heavy deadlift days


Protein Mug Cakes

Recipe HERE
chocolate lava cake2 (2)
Recipe HERE


Luigi’s Italian Ice & Pomegranate

Pomegranate and lemon Italian ice. Perfect post dinner snack.

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Protein Crepes

protein crepes2
Recipe HERE

I love to stuff these with fruit or Greek yogurt.


These are some of my favourite things to snack on after dinner, hopefully they give you some ideas of your own.


I’m off to work for a very busy day, hope you have a good one!

Favourite Healthy After Dinner Snacks
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