Hey there! Ok so I know I was supposed to put my new post up on Friday but my computer at home would just not allow it. I definitely need a new laptop and instead of hoping that the computer fairy comes to my house and places a brand new notebook under my pillow I am going to start looking for some today.


Before I post my tips on choosing adult beverages I’m going to get you all caught up on my weekend!


Saturday was my girls night out with Amy & Rachael and it was a blast! We went out for dinner to this awesome Thai place downtown called ‘Thaifoon’ and sipped on drinks and delighted in fresh spring wraps and maki rolls. For the main course Amy and Rachael ordered the cashew chicken while I enjoyed the green curry chicken. Unfortunately I was so busy enjoying the food that the only thing I got a picture of was dessert!

Deep Fried Ice Cream

We shared in this goodness and with our bellies full we made our way over to the main event for the evening – Fanshawe’s UNBOUND 2012 fashion show! We found out about the show because a couple of the ladies that come to my boot camp class work in the fashion department at Fanshawe and asked if we would be interested in coming out to the event. Our gym helped sponsor the show by including some things to be put inside the goodie bags they were giving away and we got to see an amazing show in return.

In this show student’s showcase designs that they have created themselves from scratch! I was amazed at the workmanship of the garments and just the whole show in general. I only wish I could create beautiful pieces of clothing like that.


Here are just some of the many designs featured that night:

[flagallery gid=6 name=Gallery]


The whole event was amazing! I was more than blown away with how organized and amazing it all was. Here are some of the highlights:

They had Lise Watier there:

Amy getting her lips done
Rachael getting glammed up
Me 🙂

They had fantastic post show food from appetizers to….

Candy Bar
Cheese Trays
They even had a red carpet!

 It was such a fun night out! I will definitely be going to this event again. I still can’t believe all the hard work that the students and faculty do to make this such a success.


In other weekend news Sunday was my second Easter. Being that I’m half Ukrainian from my mom’s side we got together and had a little celebration of our own. We didn’t do everything as traditionally as you’re supposed to but we got together and had a great time and that’s all that matters.

Our meal consisted of:

Smoked Fish
Kielbasa, cheeses & smoked bacon
Easter Paska Bread, Poppy Seed Bread & Ginger Cookies
Hard Boiled Eggs

 Now there is a tradition with the hard boiled eggs. Two people grab an egg and they engage in an egg cracking battle royale! One person holds  still while the other comes from above and tries to crack it. Whoever’s egg doesn’t crack is supposed to have good luck.

Steve beat both my mom and I…multiple times. We’re calling it beginners luck as he’s never participated in our Easter before.


When we were little we used to get a different Pysanka every year for Easter.

Beautiful Pysanka - Ukrainian Easter Eggs

 My mom now has a ton of these beautful eggs. I used to have all the supplies to make my own. It is quite the labour intensive process let me tell you.


Anyways those are my updates from the weekend and I have so much more to post! Look out for my personal workout under the My Workout tab later on today as well as a new workout for you to do at home under the Get Fit tab.

Talk to you guys later 🙂


Question: Do you have any unusual Easter celebrations? 


Fashion Show & Egg Battles

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