Hey ya’ll! Hope you guys are excited for the upcoming weekend. I have a bunch of family coming down to stay with Steve and I for the weekend so I am super excited. I love having family over. As I discussed in my last post¬†this weekend marks a sad anniversary for us but I am so grateful that I will be surrounded my loved ones. My dad was the life of the party and we intend to celebrate his memory.


Steve and I have been enjoying some delicious eats lately with lots of roasted veggies…yum.


Baked Haddock & Roasted Veggies


I have also been enjoying this weird snack combo on a pretty regular basis.


Pickles, Kielbasa & Sharp Cheddar


I don’t know why but I love this little deli plate of food. I kinda feel like Snooki though constantly diving into the pickle jar at our house. Even Chester has been giving me the stink eye with the amount of pickles I’ve been eating.


My Computer Buddy


After this crazy busy weekend I will be back with some awesome new recipes and workouts to share with you. I did post my video from last week’s upper body session here.


Also take a look at a video of my client Monica. She is a wrestler at UWO and a total machine! I love training her as she’s the type of person you can just keep pushing. Here she is getting a new deadlift PR.


Powerhouse Video of the Day:


Have a great weekend!



Family Weekend!

One thought on “Family Weekend!

  • May 4, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Hi Chelsey, just love your new puppy tooo cute. I hope to have a new one soon also, i have been reading you blogs lately as well as some of your favorites like a dash of meg. I just wanted so say that you are all amazing inspirational women and I hope you continue to inspire all . Can’t wait till i can get back training with you. Any news on your bootcamp in the park?
    all the best Linda


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