Friday!!! I have a pretty low key weekend ahead of me (what else is new?) but I’m looking forward to dinner and a movie with my favourite guy.



This is how we look all the time haha



Tonight I’m actually headed to St.Thomas (where I actually lived for a bit growing up) to hand out some promo material for the Grapes of Wrath 5km obstacle course I mentioned the other day. My mom is also going to tag along so it’ll be nice to have some company.



This week has been absolutely stellar for my clients. We have had so many PR’s this week it’s crazy! I’ve also had some people re-commit themselves to the gym and it’s just so incredibly awesome to see people so excited about the improvements they’re making.




My training has been…..less than awesome this week. You see, I went out and ran some tempo sprints outside with Steve last Saturday for the first time. I was so incredibly sore by Monday that I had to switch my bench and squat days around. When it came to squat on Wednesday my legs were finally not sore to the touch and actually felt good to go. So I went ahead with my workout did 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 175 x 3 and 190 x 3 – all of which felt pretty good.



225lbs did NOT feel good that day



I probably would have been alright had I just finished my workout as scheduled but then I went and did this challenge finisher we’ve been having people do this week at the gym. It’s basically a ton of goblet squats…like 145 done over the span of 10 minutes with some other stuff thrown in. I. am. so. sore. Like my legs are tender to the touch, and yes it’s 2 days later. I have done a finisher like this before so I guess my legs just really aren’t used to sprinting outside on grass. I’ve been doing a ton of mobility work and foam rolling so hopefully they’ll be good to go soon. They don’t hurt when I’m actually up and moving, it’s just when I’m sitting and then go to get up. I dread going to the bathroom in the middle of the night haha.



I do have a new slam ball workout for you. I’ve done it and put my clients through it and it’ll definitely get your heart rate up.






HIIT work doesn’t need to be complicated, pick a piece of equipment (slam ball, kettlebell, dumbbell etc) and do 4-5 exercises a few times through or pick 4-5 exercises and repeat 3-5 times through.





Here are a few of the exercises I put in my conditioning circuit today: Lateral med ball throws, kettlebell swings and standing band abs. I also did some light prowler in between sets, trying to get some blood flowing to these legs of mine.



So there ya go, hopefully that gives you a couple of ideas for your own conditioning. Enjoy the weekend people!



DOMs for Daaaays Plus a HIIT Workout & Conditioning Ideas
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