Well would you look at that, I’m posting again and it didn’t take me 3 months to do it. The new blog layout is making my life so much easier. I can concentrate on coming up with content rather than trying to format everything.


I’ve had a few questions lately about what I’m doing workout and nutrition wise so I thought I’d fill you in. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I stopped tracking my macros a few months ago. It wasn’t like I was hardcore tracking things but now I’m not doing any tracking whatsoever. The only real nutrition protocol I’m following is carb backloading which I started almost 2 years ago after my first bikini competition. I actually stopped following the protocol sometime in the spring and experimented with having carbs again in the morning and I noticed a huge drop in energy in the mid-afternoon. Needless to say after a few sluggish weeks I switched back to backloading. The only day I eat carbs before noon is Sunday – it’s the only day of the week I eat breakfast and I usually enjoy some french toast or pancakes.


I love not over thinking everything I eat and getting to enjoy big delicious dinners which is what drew me to carb backloading in the first place. Steve and I are at work all day (he’s there from 9-9 most days, I’m there 9:30-7:30 usually) and are busiest training clients in the evening between 4-8pm. This means we don’t sit down to eat dinner until 9:30 most nights and I love having a big hearty meal rather than a bunch of small ones throughout the day. I sleep better and I get less cravings. I cook almost everything that Steve and I eat. I honestly can’t remember the last time we had takeout and we rarely go out to eat. I really like knowing what’s in my food and spending an hour making dinner every night is one of my favourite ways to unwind.

Here is a look at some of our typical dinners:


I’m also still fasting until after my training is complete. Right now I usually train at 11am or so, which just goes to show you don’t have to train at night for carb backloading to work. I sip on some intra-workout during my training session and then eat an hour or so after my workout is over, so usually sometime around 2-3pm. I only recently started having something during my workout as my workouts now are longer and I didn’t want to loose power and have a longer recovery period after my workouts. I’m using Biosteel’s non-stimulant workout drink right now as we carry it in the gym for our athletes. It has branch chain amino acids and electrolytes is anti-doping compliant, hence why we recommend it for our tested athletes.


For my meal after my workout I’ve been having beef chili with black beans and lentils. Some days I also have my protein oat bake. I’ve been eating this for the past few months. I don’t get bored with food easily. Since we eat everything except dinner at the gym I like to stick to food that Steve and I both enjoy and is easy to make large batches of.


Do you even meal prep?
Do you even meal prep?


In terms of my training, I just finished up a 10 week strength program a couple weeks ago and am now a week into a 6 week program that’ll carry me into the new year. This program is a little more metabolic so I’m not expecting huge strength gains. Steve and I decided to start my next strength cycle after the craziness of the holidays and the travelling that comes with it. I’m following a version of Christian Thibaudeau’s 6 Week to Superhero program. I’ve done this program before, a couple years ago, but Steve customized this one for me and it is kicking my ass in the best way possible right now.



The program is centered around completing block complexes of movements that combine strength movements and explosive power movements like the Soviet’s used. You perform these complexes, moving from exercise to exercise taking 30-60 seconds between exercises and 1-2 minutes rest after each round. You complete two different complexes each day.


Right now my split looks like this:

Monday – Squat 6 Rounds / Bench 4 Rounds

Tuesday – Overhead Press 6 Rounds / Deadlift 4 Rounds

Wednesday – Accessory Work

Thursday – Bench 6 Rounds / Squat 4 Rounds

Friday – Deadlift 6 Rounds / Overhead Press 4 Rounds

Saturday – Accessory Work


My squat workout consists of:

– Top half squats

– Front squats

– Box squat w/ chains

– Dumbbellquat jumps

– Bodyweight squat jumps

– Sled drags


Top half squats –

Chain Squats


Bench Workout:

– Top half bench from pins

– Bench Press

– Speed bench w/ chains

– Med ball chest pass

– Incline plyo pushhups

– Dumbbell fly + squeeze press


Deadlift Workout:

– High handle trap bar deadlift

– Trap bar deadlift

– Barbell jump

– Kettlebell swings

– Broad jumps

– Prowler march


Overhead Press Workout:

– Seated top half press from pins

– Overhead press

– Push press

– Overhead med ball throw

– Dumbbell lateral raise + drop

– 6 way dumbbell raise


The workouts take me around an hour and a half to get through after I roll out and go through my warm up/mobility work. There is no way I’d be able to do a workout like this in a normal gym as I use two squat racks and a good chunk of the turf for each workout. Yet another bonus of owning your own gym 😉 The lower body workouts leave me gassed and the overhead press workout is extremely humbling as I’ve never been great at overhead pressing. I was trying to improve it about 6 months ago but then I tweaked my shoulder and it hurt every time I was in the bottom of the lift. So far the shoulder seems to be good so I’m looking forward to seeing some progress there.


So that’s what I’m up to these days. Right now this is where I’m at physique wise.

So many takes to get the perfect selfie haha

me dec 1 2014


The photo right above was taken yesterday. I weighed in at 141lbs which I’m completely and totally happy with. It always seems to surprise people when I tell them how much I weigh. I’m only 5″4.5 (I cling to that half inch haha) and people seem to always guess I weigh around 120. I only got down to 132lbs for my last bikini show. It just goes to show you that the scale never tells the whole story.


me bikini favourite
November, 2013


I’m absolutely loving where I am right now, training and nutrition wise. I have found a balance that works extremely well for me and really, what more can you ask for?


Current Nutrition and Training
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5 thoughts on “Current Nutrition and Training

  • December 15, 2014 at 8:18 am

    How did you find the workout this time round?
    I find that doing 2 complexes in 1 workout takes a long time!
    I try to split them into am and pm workouts but it does drain on the body!

    • December 17, 2014 at 8:12 am

      It definitely does take a while to get through – my workouts before were 45-60 min and these take me at least an hour and a half. Not to mention it takes a bit to set everything up to get started. I’ve split them up a couple times but definitely try to just get it done in the morning. It is for sure some of the more draining training I’ve done – by the end of the week I’m pretty spent. Having said that though, I really love the workouts themselves and have noticed a definite improvement in my overhead press and other lifts. I’m kind of a glutton for punishment.

      • December 17, 2014 at 10:06 am

        Thanks for the reply.
        I do find them good – get odd looks in the gym – one guy asked why I was half squatting – he berated me for it!

        I might try this for another round; the last one was cut short due to illness.

        I find it activates the muscles and the DOMs is greater with this protocol.

        I find and prefer this over the typical push -pull-legs approach.

        • December 17, 2014 at 11:22 am

          Ya I hear you on the DOMS and I’m lucky that I get to do this in my own gym so I don’t have to worry about taking up a ton of space and being all over the place. Gotta love people butting in with their opinions when they have absolutely no idea what training protocol you’re following.

          • December 17, 2014 at 3:12 pm

            People should just let you carry on, unless you are likely to injure yourself!

            Having your own gym is great – can do whatever complexes you like!

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