Do you find that you’re hitting a plateau with your workouts? Are you doing the same thing day in and day out at the gym? Well then it’s time to change it up! Step outside your comfort zone and do something different!

Our bodies easily adapt to things we do everyday. For instance when someone first begins running they may find going 2km extremely difficult. However over time that 2km feels like a breeze. It’s because your body has adapted and is now more capable to run the same distance with less stress. While it’s great in the sense that something that was difficult is now done with ease, it’s not great because it means your body is expending less calories to do the same amount of work.¬†You either need to up the distance or up the speed at which you’re completing that distance.

The same thing applies in the gym. If weights that were once challenging are flying up with ease you either need to up the weight, do more reps, or my favourite do a mixture of both. One day do lighter weights at higher reps and then the next week try using a heavier weight for less reps. This keeps your body progressing which is exactly what you want if you’re looking to make progress.

Don’t underestimate how good your body is at keeping up with the challenges you’re giving it. Step outside your comfort zone and change things up. Not only will it keep your workouts more interesting but your physique will also surely thank you.

Change it Up!

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