Have you ever noticed how difficult the last 10-15 pounds can be to get rid of? That pesky fat that lingers on our midsection and other problem areas?

Ya, been there and it totally sucks.




Previously (as in many many years ago), if I wanted to get rid of a bit of extra fluff after a vacation or just indulging over the holidays I would resort to slashing my calories and trying to add in some extra cardio – no matter how much I hated it.

I thought it was the only way….boy was I wrong.

Nowadays when I want to lean out after enjoying life a little too much I simply implement carb cycling for anywhere from 1-4 weeks and I’m good to go.



Carb cycling, for those who may not be familiar with the practice, is a carb manipulation strategy that allows your body to drop excess body fat while maintaining your hard earned lean muscle. This means when you’re done with your carb cycle your metabolism won’t be all wonky which is a problem that many traditional diets cause.

Carb cycling utilizes periods of lower carb eating (noticed how I said lower not no carb) to deplete your glycogen and have your body burn fat as fuel, combined with higher carb refuel days to keep your metabolism revving along. You get the benefits of a low carb diet without actually having to go low carb. Pretty slick right?

There are a few different ways you can set up carb cycling but you want to make sure your cycle is in tune with your lifestyle and workout schedule. For instance, you wouldn’t want to schedule a lower carb day on a day that you’re maxing out on squats. It takes some planning and understanding of how your body utilizes carbs but once you get going, it’s a very simple processes to implement.

My favorite thing about carb cycling is that it allows me to get stellar results in a relatively short amount of time without any of the restrictions or crazy cardio of years past. Carb cycling is the smart and efficient way to lean out without compromising your health or your sanity; we all know how unpleasant people can be without carbs.

If you’ve ever wanted to try carb cycling, I put together a free 5 day mini course to help you better understand how it all works and how you can get started. If you want to join the carb conquering party, simply sign up below and lesson #1 will come straight to your inbox. Pretty sweet, right?



If you want to maximize fat burning without it taking over your life sign up for the course and I’ll see you in your inbox!

Carb Cycling: Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat Without The Restrictions
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