Whew! It was a busy night at the gym tonight. I had my own ladies in for class, Steve had a group of football players and our new trainer Rob had 3 guys of his own in too. It was a full house! I love the energy the gym gets though when there are a lot of people in it. People get pumped up and encourage each other along, I just love the atmosphere.

I’m just cooking up some perch and brown rice for dinner for Steve and I but thought I’d write a quick post checking in with everyone.

For any of you who haven’t checked out the video yet, I posted the first At Home HIIT Workout (AHHW) under the Get Fit tab so you should get on that and give it a watch. I also posted a video of my conditioning yesterday under the My Workouts tab.

Keep checking those two tabs regularly as I’m going to be trying to update them throughout the week.

Hope you all have a great night!


What’s your favourite HIIT method?

Busy Night @ Powerhouse

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