Hey everyone! I have been MIA on the blog for the past few days because I have been busy celebrating my 25th birthday! That’s right, yours truly turned 25 on Saturday.

My whole weekend was amazing and it all started on Friday when one of my favourite clients to train, Monica, came in with tons of baked goodies that she and her mom had made for me. Cupcakes, cookies & mini chocolate cheesecakes. Yum!

Monica with her boatload of goodies!












Next as I was getting ready to do my own workout of the day a nice delivery lady showed up at the gym. To my utter delight she had a package from Edible Arrangements for me from my boot campers Karli & Vivette.

edible arrangement
Chocolate Dipped Fruit...Heaven

Friday night I went home to brainstorm ideas for my boot camp class the next morning. Amy and I had chatted about it the day before and we came up with a pretty killer workout.

birthday gear
Some flashy pants for my birthday workout
25 Challenge
25 Workout Challenge













That there is the workout challenge we came up with:

  • 25 Exercises
  • 25 Reps
  • Completed in 25 minutes or under


It took most of us between 22-26 minutes to finish everything, it definitely made us all work up a sweat.

Aside from all of the ladies joining me for a birthday workout I was welcomed with lot’s more exciting things! I must admit I was pretty overwhelmed by the amount of love my boot camp ladies showed me. I definitely have an amazing group of women that I am lucky enough to work with.


Made by Amy


Cookie Bouquet



The workout was great because right after Steve’s sisters Amy, Erin and his mom Mary took me out for breakfast. It was soooo good. I absolutely LOVE breakfast food. I helped myself to a platter complete with eggs, sausage, homefries & pancakes.


My neighbours were all staring at me as I carried in all of the goodies from the day.

Crowded Table

I set everything down and went upstairs to shower and get all glamified for my evening out. When I came back down and saw the table with everything on it I just flat out burst into tears. I can’t really explain why other than the fact I was so taken aback by all of the wonderful surprises from my clients. If you ladies are reading this please know how very lucky and fortunate I feel to have a job that allows me to do what I love every day and work with people as amazing as you.

After my little happy sob fest Steve came home and we hung out here for a while and then headed on over to the Keg for dinner. The Keg is one of my absolute favourite restaurants and the food never disappoints.

Spicy Calamari

We had the calamari to start along with a pretty yummy pear cocktail 😉

Sirloin Oscar
Sirloin Oscar


For dinner I had the sirloin Oscar which is a top sirloin with scallops, shrimp, asparagus and a Béarnaise sauce and a baked potato while Steve chowed down on the baseball steak and a potato. 

When we left the Keg we decided to see if we could do a little bowling over at the Palasad. I love bowling. I’m not very good but something about it brings me back to when I was a kid and my dad would take us. However, because they don’t take reservations we were told it would be an hour wait to get our bowl fex. We decided that wasn’t acceptable and after debating going to see a movie we opted for something else.

Getting my Wii On

We came home, opened a bottle of wine for me and some Rum for Steve and busted the Wii out. As you can see I only wear my very best when playing Wii. I beat him in bowling only to later have my ass handed to me in tennis, baseball & golf. We played some NHL 2004 on the PS2 and then called it a night.

Steve would take me to do anything and everything for my birthday but I absolutely loved coming to our house and playing some games together. I’ve mentioned before that we’re pretty laid back so as long as we’re together having fun, that’s all I’ll ever need.

The following morning we went to the breakfast place next door and then proceeded with the usual Sunday outings like grocery shopping and the likes. 

I must admit that leading up to my birthday I was super anxious about turning 25. Not because I’m afraid of getting older but rather because there were certain things I told myself a long time ago that I would have done by the time I turned 25, like to go to Europe and other things like that. I may not have visited Europe yet but I have done some other pretty kick ass stuff: I’ve opened a gym, bought a house, and done tons of other amazing things. Sometimes you need to look at what you have done rather than what you haven’t. Besides, Europe isn’t going anywhere.

I am so thankful and lucky to have so many wonderful, amazing people in my life. Hopefully this weekend I can make Steve’s birthday as wonderful as mine was.

Birthday Weekend Re-Cap

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