Show #2!

I decided to compete again on November 23rd, 2013 in London, ON. I’ll list all related posts below.




16 Weeks Out – I’m Doing it Again!


15 Weeks Out – Minor Changes


12 Weeks Out – Video Update (macros etc)


11 Weeks Out – Video Update (not comparing yourself to others, training)


10 Weeks Out


7 Weeks Out


5 Weeks Out


8 Weeks Out – Pushing my show date back


2.5 Weeks Out – Training Update


10 Days Out


Peak Week!


T-Minus 12 Hours




Here are the posts relating to last year’s show where I competed in London, ON on Nov 24th at the GNC show. If you have any questions regarding the show just drop me a line!



My Decision to Compete

10 Weeks Out – Training & Eats

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