I have been thinking a lot about everything I have going on in my life lately.


At only 25 years old I have my own training facility


newgympics 033



that I get to run with the most amazing guy in the world who I met almost 7 years ago, Steve


new york 003

On our way to a conference in NJ

We bought our first home last August



We have a feisty cat named Chester


A new puppy named Tyson

IMG_20120506_130301He’s soooo much bigger now


And most importantly, an AWESOME family, including Steve’s side


My godmother Denise, Aunt Darlene, Godfather Kevin, Steve, Me, sister Alyx & Cousin Josh


Steve’s sister Amy, Steve, Me, Sister-in-law Lauren, brother Chris, Mom Mary, Dad Theo and other sister Erin


All in all I am one lucky lady!


Still with everything I have to be grateful for, sometimes it’s easy to get brought down by things you still wish you had or want to do. For example, I really want to go away on vacation sometime this winter. Between Christmas and New Years is the only time we are able to get away owning our place which can be difficult sometimes. It also means we can’t just take off last minute to go away with friends and that even weekend getaways need to be carefully planned out. When you see others around you doing things you want to do it can make you wish you were able to do those things as well.


What I have been trying to do is remind myself of just how lucky I am to be able to wake up everyday and do something I truly love, with people who make my life so much better. I get to help other people reach their goals and I get to spend time with my favourite person, how sweet is that? Rather than focusing on the things I wish I had I’m trying to focus on what I do have.


This seems to be a pretty popular emerging topic. A little while ago the lovely Meg wrote about the book she was reading that taught her to be grateful everyday. Jen just did a post on positive self talk and how we need to speak positively about ourselves and what we want in life. Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean had a write up today on negative thoughts.




It’s easy to get in your own head and be brought down by thoughts like “I wish I had…” or “things would be so much better if”. If it’s something you can personally change yourself then stopping wishing about it and make it happen! When I wanted to get in shape after letting myself go a little bit I just told myself enough was enough and put positive images all around me and made it happen.


If you want something, go out there and get it! You are worth the effort and deserve it! You can’t just wish for something, you have to make it happen. Positive thoughts can definitely help and I love vision boards and things like that. I think having visual reminders help drive you towards your goals but you have to make sure you’re taking steps each and everyday to help you reach that goal.


I just wanted to share my thoughts with you as I know that I am not the only one who can sometimes let negative thoughts enter my head. I myself am making up new vision boards for both my personal and professional goals so that I can have daily reminders of what I’m working for each day. I’m also thinking of checking out the books that Meg and Jen recommended.


You are the only one who controls your thoughts and if you want change you have to actively seek it out. Make it happen!



Being Grateful
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4 thoughts on “Being Grateful

  • July 11, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    These are great thoughts! I for one totally get in my own way sometimes! It is good to think about all the positive things in our lives to realize how much we have!

    Oh your puppy is so cute! What kind is he? It’s sad that they grow so fast!
    Meg recently posted..The Days You Feel Like You Can’tMy Profile

    • July 12, 2012 at 8:57 pm

      I love your last post on your blog! Tyson is a shepherd, malamute, mastiff. He is almost 40lbs at 4 months! He’s coming to the cottage with us for the first time tomorrow.

  • July 14, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Oh sweetie – this is beautiful! <3 I am seriously always thinking about that book! Let me know if you get it or if you would like to know more about it! I wrote a guest post about one specific practice that will be published on Monday 🙂 I'll put the link on my blog

    • July 15, 2012 at 7:17 pm

      I can’t wait to read that post tomorrow. I’m going to start with the secret (because I was recently given a copy) and then move on to the magic 🙂


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