Before I get started let me first say that this is my second time writing up this post. I had the WHOLE THING ready to go, hit submit, and my live writer crashed, leaving me with nothing! I literally wanted to cry. Ugggghhhh.


Anyways as promised, here is the tale of how Steve and I first met.


Get ready for lots of pictures and me saying how lucky I am.


It all began 7 years ago when we entered into our first year at the University of Western Ontario here in beautiful London.



Steve came to Western to get his degree in Kinesiology and lived in Saugeen residence while I came to get my degree in English (which I later switched to philosophy & criminology) and lived in Delaware Hall.


                     Steve’s res                                                                  My res


During frosh week we both met a lot of people, as you do in university. Well it turns out some of the people Steve met in Saugeen had high school friends in my residence whom I had met and become friends with.


The night before homecoming our floor in residence decided to throw a beer pong tournament to kick the weekend off. There were a lot of people there and Steve just so happened to come out with his new buddies.


Picture of us the night we met.


Maybe it was because he was tall and handsome, maybe it was because he was kind of shy and funny, or maybe it was because he absolutely rocked at beer pong, but I definitely noticed Steve and thought he was incredibly cute.


We got to talking after he was done playing and by the end of the night I gave him my phone number and email (so he could add me to MSN which was still in at the time) and agreed we should hang out again.


Well the next day was homecoming. I was pretty excited because you always hear about homecoming on TV and in movies and I was ready to experience it for myself. TD Waterhouse Stadium was packed! I couldn’t believe how many people there were flooding to watch this game. When my friends and I finally found seats, guess who was sitting in the row behind us? You guessed it – Steve. Even cuter the next day we chatted a little bit and then just watched the game with our respective friends. Western won and I went back to res to get ready for the evening’s festivities with my friends.



That night my friends and I went to the football kegger (the most popular party to go to) and who did I happen to run into while grabbing a beer? This guy was everywhere! We talked some more about school and all that awesome stuff you discuss while getting to know someone. I really, really wanted to keep talking to him but I had to use the little girl’s room so I asked if he would wait for me by the keg. Well the line for the bathroom was crazy and it took me forever to get back outside. By the time I finally managed to get back to the keg, Steve was gone.


The next morning I woke up and turned on my trusty laptop to discover that Steve had added me to MSN (that feels like forever ago that I used that). I logged on and we talked and soon learned that we were actually in the same psych class together. We agreed that we would meet up the next day before class so we could sit together.


Over the next few weeks we sat next to each other and continued getting to know one another (that class was painfully boring so it was awesome to have someone to talk to). Since we had mutual friends we also went out together at night and hung out at each other’s residence. Over time we got more and more serious and realized we had really found something special in each other.


So Steve and I met 2 weeks into the school year, neither of us looking for a relationship. We just clicked though, it was definitely meant to be.


The rest is history.


We have experienced a lot over the past 7 years together.



Pubcrawls & Bar Nights:

Our first official ‘couple’ picture


A trip to Cancun for spring break:


Pig Roasts (yes Steve is trying to eat my head here):


St. Patty’s Day:


Trips to the cottage:

This year’s cottage trip


Weekends visiting my family:


A trip to Montreal:



Lots of Halloween Parties:



A trip to the Dominican:


His brother’s wedding:


His cousin’s wedding in beautiful Colorado:


And another cousin’s closer to home:


An anniversary trip to Collingwood:


He’s always there to support my endeavours:



Just like I’m there for his:

Click HERE to check out the article EliteFTS wrote about opening our gym


And now I get to work with my best friend every day:


Alllllll mine 😉

After 7 years it just keeps getting better.



Who would have thought so much could come from a simple game of beer pong?




Beer Pong & Homecoming: A Love Story
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