No matter what your current eating plan is you should do your best to try and balance all of your meals so you are getting the proper macro-nutrients throughout the day. Macros are broken down into three categories: protein, carbohydrates and fats. 

With each of your meals ask yourself this:

  • Where is my lean protein coming from?
  • What is my healthy fat source?
  • Where are my carbs coming from?

You should try and create balance in all of your main meals and also within your snacks so that throughout the day you are consuming the proper amount of each macro depending on your training and weight loss goals.

Getting all your macros in isn’t difficult. For instance, having a spinach salad at lunch topped with veggies and chicken and an olive oil dressing covers all your macros at once. Similarly, at breakfast having eggs and and a fruit protein smoothie covers everything as the healthy fat (and some protein) come from the eggs, protein powder obviously covers protein and fruit covers the carbs.

Your training and physique goals will help determine the amount of each that you should consume throughout the day and in my next post I’ll give you a chart to help you figure out how much of each macro-nutrient you should be consuming throughout the day.

Balancing Your Meals

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