Almost out of the second trimester…


27 weeks


He’s getting a move on in there and I’m getting bigger every week!



  • He’s measuring in at about 15 inches, weighs over two pounds and is the size of a bunch of bananas or cauliflower
  • His brain continues to develop at a rapid pace
  • He can open and close his eyes with ease
  • His organs and vital processes are pretty well formed so it’s time to pack on the fat and keep that brain growing




Weight gain/swelling/innie vs outtie: Belly button is officially out! As of my last appointment I’m up 12 pounds and my doc thinks I’m right on track to gain a healthy 25ish pounds.


Workouts: Still working out with the bootcamp ladies a few times a week and doing things on my own too. I will say, the shortness of breath makes things much more challenging and doing movements like step ups are now much more taxing than they once were.


Symptoms: Shortness of breath and some braxton hicks. I will say, the braxton hicks don’t bother me in the least. I know some people say they are painful and causes them to have to lie down but for me it just feels like my belly is tightening and then it passes.


Food This Week: Greens packed salads are still happening for dinner at least a couple of times a week in addition to some protein treats and old favorites – like bacon wrapped chicken!


I also got some new fish oil and I absolutely love the taste of it!

fish oil
Highly recommend this brand!


Sleep: Still getting up 3-4 times a night but getting lots of rest!


Fun Stuff From the Week: As I mentioned last week, my mom and I went to Toronto to check out the BabyTime Show!


me and mom baby show


I will say – it was definitely overwhelming as there were so many vendors and so much to see however it was totally and completely worth it! We scored some awesome deals and my mama spoiled me too.


I got some muslin blankets and a 3-pack of swaddles



And my mom spoiled me with all the deals we found




and yes, in case you’ve noticed I’m kinda rolling with an owl theme for the nursery.


The highlight for me though was meeting up with Rima from Nuna and Victoria from Canada’s Baby Store. They had an awesome display with the most amazing products – so many innovative ideas for winter babes – and it was awesome to show my mom the Nuna Pippa Car seat in action.


rima baby show









I also signed up for and received a baby box from The Baby Box Co. who were giving them out for free to anyone completed Baby Box University. I wasn’t sure how useful the online classes/info videos would be but I have been checking them out on a regular basis.


I did a Facebook live video of everything that comes in the box too. It’s such a cool concept and I’m happy to see something like this coming to Canada.



Looking Forward To: Keeping little man healthy and to continue on the nursery – I love it so much already!


Luckily I’m still rocking the cute and adorable baby kicks stage….let’s hope it lasts!






Baby Powerhouse: 27 Weeks + Canada’s Baby Show!
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