He’s definitely growing…





Felt a solid heel kick the other day, he’s made himself right at home in there.



  • He’s measuring in at over 14 inches, is around 2-2.25 pounds and the size of a head of lettuce or kale
  • He’s borrowing some antibodies from his mama to prep his immune system
  • He’s steadily packing on fat to help him regulate temperature once he’s born
  • His eyes, which have been sealed for months, are now starting to open




Weight gain/swelling/innie vs outtie: No swelling and the belly button is still just half in, half out. As for weight gain I’m the same as I was last week so somewhere around 12-13 pounds up from my start weight.


Workouts: Feeling great! I did a couple workouts with my bootcamp class and it felt good to get pretty sweaty. I’ve also still been doing my main lifts and am loving squats!



I also got the maternity belt I ordered in and it has helped my low back quite a bit. If I’m on my feet for an extended period of time it’s nice to take the pressure off.



And yes, it is super stylish and sexy haha


Symptoms: Still lots of heartburn and I had a couple wicked headaches as well but overall, nothing crazy.





Lots and lots of little kicks! I also had the first time where I could tell it was a heel that just booted me in the side when I was sleeping – such a crazy weird feeling.


Food This Week: Salads are still going strong along with some fall weather faves



Food prep is still going down weekly too.




Sleep: Getting lots of it but it’s interrupted. I’m so lucky I can sleep in on days I don’t have clients in in the morning because I think I’m averaging 4 trips to the bathroom a night….yikes!


Fun Stuff From the Week: I got my hair cut! I just needed it freshened up a bit and had a deep conditioning treatment done too. I had a gift card from a client and it was so nice to get things cleaned up before the holiday season. It feels so light and breezy.







Baby/Maternity Items Purchased: Nothing aside from my maternity belt. I still haven’t purchased any maternity specific items but think I’ll grab a few cute flowy tops for the holidays that I can wear now and after babay arrives.


Looking Forward To: I’m heading to the Baby Time show tomorrow in Toronto with my mom and we’re super excited!




We’re going to check out the Nuna and Canada’s Baby Store booths since that’s where I’m getting my car seat, stroller and a couple other items from. I’m also excited to check out some of the seminars and see the latest gadgets and trends.


I’ll have lots of updates on some of Baby H’s essentials in the coming weeks – things are getting real!


Vibes for this week…..

bra off hair up belly out

Baby Powerhouse: 26 Weeks
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