Grow little dude grow…


baby h 25 weeks



Some new symptoms are popping up and little man is moving like crazy at times now!



  • He’s measuring in at around 14 inches (up an inch from last week!) is somewhere around 2lbs (!?) and is the size of a cabbage or squash
  • He’s becoming increasingly viable as his lungs continue to develop from all the amniotic fluid he’s been inhaling
  • Nostrils are starting to open and he’s putting on more and more fat and muscle
  • He now knows which way is up and down and should make his way to the head down position in the coming weeks




Weight gain/swelling/innie vs outtie: Not too sure but I’d guess around 12-13 pounds. Still no swelling (yay!) and the belly button is half in-half out.


Workouts: Not gonna lie, I slacked a bit this week. I was a little more tired than normal and busy with some new online clients. I’m still on my feet several hours a day so I didn’t sweat it too much.




I’ve been practicing different bracing movements, like the reverse plank and bird dogs in the video above, to keep my core and back strong. I stopped doing crunching type movements weeks ago but that doesn’t mean I’m neglecting my core.


With my back supporting the extra weight of my stomach and the eventual labor I’ll endure I want to make sure the muscles I’ll really be relying on are ready for the job!


Symptoms: Heartburn! Oh my goodness it hit me so hard last week I had to run out to the drug store in the middle of the day to get some tums calcium chews. Doc gave me the go-ahead on these weeks ago but I try and only take them when I really need it.


tums pregnancy


Other than the heartburn, the backaches are still there but I ordered a maternity belt online that should be here soon that I’m hoping will relieve some of the tension. Also, this baby is having a fun time with my bladder lately and I’ve been making more frequent middle-of-the-night trips to the restroom than I would care for.


Little man is definitely moving waaaayyyy more these days and I’m loving every second of it, even when it’s late at night and I’m trying to sleep because I know when he’s born I’ll miss those tiny kicks.




Food This Week: I’ve been loving scrambled eggs and big giant salads lately.


Scrambled eggs topped with parmesan and rye toast with a bit of creamed honey


Icelandic style yogurt with cranberries and pumpkin seeds
Icelandic style yogurt with cranberries and pumpkin seeds


I’ve also been keeping up with my weekly food prep. I’m definitely not using pregnancy as an excuse to slack on my nutrition. If anything, I’m more conscious that I need to keep my protein high and get in lots of veggies for nutrients.


Lots of salads going down
Lots of salads going down


On that meal prep life
Being prepared makes all the difference


Sleep: The frequent bathroom trips aren’t helping but I’m still getting plenty of rest so no real complaints.


Fun Stuff From the Week: This past weekend was my nephew’s third birthday so we had a blast celebrating with the family. I also got lots of cuddle time with my 3 month old niece which is always a treat.




My heart has always melted every time I see my hubby with our nephew but now that we’re welcoming a little guy of our own soon….I can’t even describe the flutters I get seeing how amazing he is with him. He’s going to be a great dad that’s for sure.



Baby/Maternity Items Purchased: Nothing new but I snapped pics of some of the items we were lucky enough to receive.




I also got the one outfit I had ordered in the mail and have been working on little man’s baby book too.


How adorable is this?
How adorable is this?


baby book


I picked this book up a couple weeks after we found out we were expecting and have been having fun filling it out and putting ultrasound pictures in it.


Looking Forward To: We have some football games to watch this weekend and I’m planning on organizing the nursery a bit more too!

Current feels
Current feels


This pretty much sums up my fashion right now. Leggings are my BFF.

Baby Powerhouse: 25 Weeks
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