Week twenty three…one of my favourite numbers.





  • Baby is just over a foot tall, weighs about 20 ounces and is the size of a bunch of grapes or ear of corn
  • He is still rather transparent and a bit red because of developing veins and arteries
  • His face is fully formed and is just waiting for some fat to plump it up
  • His skin is pinkish due to capillaries
  • This little guy is getting more and more active in utero as he responds to noise and other stimuli
  • He’s constructing blood vessels that will allow him to breathe on his own



Weight gain/swelling/innie vs outtie: I had my 24 week checkup this past Monday and I was up 10.5  lbs. This puts me right on track for a healthy gain of somewhere around 25-30 pounds. Belly button still hasn’t poked out but it’s getting closer.


Workouts: Feeling great! I actually always feel better on the days I workout. I’ve been doing lots of movements for my upper back and stretches for my lower back. I’m also happy that most conditioning still feels really good too. Just taking things slower with more rest/recovery in between.



Symptoms: My back has been pretty sore at night. When I lie on the couch at night to unwind I have to use my snoogle pillow to give me support under my back and under my legs too. I seriously love that pillow. The other day I sneezed while I was laying down and pain radiated up my spine so I’m doing my best to stay on top of that.



All of the apps I have downloaded on my phone say I should be hungrier than ever but I’ve found the exact opposite to be true right now. I’ve just found I’m simply not has hungry as I used to be these days and tend to fill up rather quickly.


Food This Week: With my appetite lacking I’m trying to make sure I’m getting in lots of veggies, lean protein and healthy fats for baby still. I’m also grateful that I haven’t had many cravings and that healthy food is still appealing to me. I’ve always known how important a solid diet is to baby’s development but my one baby app highlighted an article that went over how expectant and lactating mothers can pass on an inclination for junk food to their baby in utero and once their breastfeeding. Now that baby also has a sense of taste I’m trying to ensure I’m eating a well varied diet (which I typically do) so baby can get used to healthy eats while still in the womb.



Sleep: Good for the most part. With my back being a bit more achy I’m definitely tossing and turning more but I’m still getting enough good quality sleep to stay energized throughout the day without issue.


Fun Stuff From the Week: We went to watch one of our athletes play on Friday night which was really fun. Zack Medeiros plays for the Ottawa Redblacks in the CFL as a kicker/punter. It was a tad chilly but it was a great game and they wound up winning!






Baby Items Purchased: No new purchases but the shoes I ordered for the little guy arrived.




Looking Forward To: Hanging out with my mom this weekend to plan some things for baby and just a relaxing weekend ahead.


me - hair done

Baby Powerhouse: 23 Weeks
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