Just powering through the second trimester!






  • Baby is just shy of 12 inches long, weighs somewhere around 15 ounces and is the size of a papaya or coconut
  • His skin cells are starting to produce keratin which is making up the outer layer of his skin and he may be growing hair
  • Baby is sleeping 12-14 hours a day right now
  • He now has a sense of balance because of his developed inner ear
  • His pancreas is busy creating hormones of his own
  • Baby’s eyes are still developing and he still lacks pigment in his iris – so he has no eye color yet




Weight gain/swelling/innie vs outtie: No clue on the weight gain front but I think I’m gaining at a nice steady pace. No swelling as of yet and while my belly button has changed shape, it’s not an outtie just yet.



Workouts: I only got in 3 workouts this week. My sister-in-law got married on Friday so I was helping set up Thursday. Helping out was definitely a mini-workout in itself. Everything is still feeling great though.

My big lifts – squat, deadlift, bench and overhead press – are all still feeling good and I’m trying to ensure I keep doing lots of glute and upper back work too. I want to make sure my body is ready to carry little nugget around and deal with the demands of breastfeeding and all that jazz.




Symptoms: My feet get tired more easily and I’ve been having these weird toe spasms only on my right foot. Other than that just some mild low back pain, especially when I’m trying to unwind at the end of the day.


Food This Week: I definitely don’t think I’ll be getting any cravings – I haven’t had any yet and can’t foresee it happening but you never know – so we’ve been keeping things pretty well the same over here. I will say I definitely don’t have room for the large meals I once loved. Here’s some of my eats from the past week.



With Erin’s wedding on Friday we just had a nice family lunch on Saturday to celebrate the couple one more time before their honeymoon and we counted that as our Thanksgiving. So Steve and I celebrated Sunday night with homemade panzerotti and Monday with bacon wrapped filet mignon.



Of course Tyson had a special Thanksgiving meal too


tyson Thanksgiving
Omelette with peanut butter and kibble


Sleep: Awesome! Averaging 7-8 hours and enjoying and embracing every minute since I know that will change in the coming months.


Maternity clothes?: Still nothing but I’m pretty lucky that I wear gym clothes almost every day.


Fun Stuff From the Week: As mentioned, Steve’s sister’s wedding was on Friday and it was a beautiful ceremony and reception with amazing fall weather.


steve and i


My mama and I


Oh, and if you want to make a pregnant lady extra happy at a wedding, have a nacho bar.




Baby Items Purchased: Not by us but one of Steve’s first clients and friend and his wife (who have the happiest 5 month old baby girl) brought us a ton of cute baby boy clothes. The definitely spoiled us!


Thanks so much Rob and Amalie!


And my mom bought the little guy some adorable rain boots!


baby h rain boots


Looking Forward To: Decorating the nursery! We got it painted over the weekend and now we can actually start putting things in the room.


This will become baby's change table
This will become baby’s change table


Still just incredibly thankful for how easy this pregnancy has been so far and enjoying every minute! Still no big kicks from our little guy yet but more and more flutters so I’m sure they’re on the way.


baby H 22 weeks


Any nursery must-haves/things to skip?


Baby Powerhouse: 22 Weeks
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