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baby h 21 weeks



  • Baby is about 10.5 inches long, almost 13 ounces and the size of a pomegranate or baby bok choy
  • His skin is still a bit see-through and wrinkly
  • Baby’s nerves and bones in his ears are developing – so sounds outside the womb are becoming more distinct
  • His movements are becoming more deliberate as his nervous system devlopes
  • His testes are still in his abdomen but will drop in the coming weeks




Weight gained: Somewhere around 8-11 pounds?


Workouts: Moving feels so good! I’ve been joining in for parts of boot camp workouts and still doing my own strength training. I actually think workout out in the second trimester is easier than the first. 

Here’s a workout I had some of my clients go through the other day:


What Goes Up Must Come Down Workout |


Symptoms: Still getting the occasional headache but not too bad. My lower back has been a bit achy lately but keeping moving actually helps it from becoming stiff.


Food Aversions/ Cravings: No cravings, just lots of my favorite foods still being eaten.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Sleep: Really good still. Baby doesn’t seem to be moving a ton at night right now so I’m sleeping like a champ.


Maternity clothes?: Just a new bra. I needed one to wear to my sister-in-law’s wedding on Friday. I thought it would be inappropriate to wear a sports bra under my dress.


Stretch marks? Nope.


Fun/Weird Stuff From the Week: Our trip to Ottawa! It was so great to have some quality time with Steve. We had a blast.


Baby Items Purchased: Nope, but my mom did buy some cute little rain boots for the little guy. Just looking at them makes my heart melt. We are pretty close to deciding on a stroller and car seat though. We’re looking at getting the Nuna Pipa car seat


and the compatible Nuna Mixx stroller



Looking Forward To: My sis-in-law’s wedding on Friday and then my mom and I are painting the nursery on Sunday! I can’t wait.


Just for fun, here’s a little flashback to what I looked like at this time last year…


me bikini


Some people have asked if it’s weird to watch your body change. Yes, it’s definitely an adjustment. I still have days where I catch my profile in the mirror and it surprises me. Even when I go give Steve a hug, it’s weird to have my belly stick out. However, it’s a good weird, not a bad weird.


I’m constantly amazed at the fact that there’s a tiny little human growing inside me. Plus, my hubby is super sweet. When I asked him if he still thought I looked cute when we went out for dinner the other night he said ‘you’re even more beautiful because you’re carrying our baby’.


I’m thankful to provide a safe, nourishing haven for our little nugget until he makes his debut in February. I’m confident I’ll be able to get my pre-baby body back, but right now I’m just focused on keeping both of us happy and healthy.



Baby Powerhouse: 21 Weeks
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