Halfway there!






  • Baby is about 10 inches from head to toe or 6.5 inches crown to rump and weighs about 10.5 ounces
  • He is roughly the size of a banana or a small cantaloupe
  • Baby is gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day
  • He now has two distinct layers of skin: the epidermis and the dermis
  • Baby is producing meconium, the tarry black substance that will make up his first poop!




Weight gained: Somewhere around 7-8lbs?


Workouts: Still feeling great. I’m so thankful my job keeps me active and that I can continue to workout with my bootcamp clients. Here is the warm-up we did yesterday.


The Countdown Workout | www.PowerhouseFitFoodie.com


I still have no issues with jumping jacks or things like that but if you’re expecting and you find they aggravate you, you could change the jumping jacks out for squat pulses or something similar. I also changed out the pushup to plank for plank taps. I can still do pushup to plank, just not that many in a row.


Symptoms: Headaches have made a return! Ugh, it’s so frustrating because I can’t do anything to alleviate them. Someone on snapchat (@Powerhousechels) suggested putting peppermint essential oil on my temples so I’m going to give that a shot and see if it helps.


Food Aversions/Cravings: I feel like I’m so boring with this but honestly no. I guess I’m craving fruit more than normal but that’s about it. Oh, actually we’re headed to Ottawa (see below) this weekend – and I’m so excited for a beavertail!


Mmmm.....fried dough
Mmmm…..fried dough


Sleep: Still rocking it when I don’t have a whopper of a headache.


Maternity clothes: It isn’t an actual maternity dress but I did get a dress for my sister-in-laws wedding next weekend!


powerhousefitfoodie powerhousechels 20 weeks black dress

The sweetest part? I scored this black beauty for $20 at Winners!


Miss Anything? Sometimes I miss caffeine, especially if I’ve had a headache that keeps me up the night before. I’m really lucky that I can work from home during the day – or just go home and nap.


Fun/Weird Stuff From the Week: Little man has been moving around more and more. Before I could only feel flutters after dinner when I laid down on the couch but now I’m feeling him throughout the day. I actually just finished eating some basa fish and rice while typing this up and he’s wiggling around in there.




Baby Items Purchased: So I cracked and did wind up ordering an outfit for the little guy.





Gah, I can’t even handle the cuteness!


Looking Forward To: Our babymoon/work/anniversary/football trip to Montreal and Ottawa! By the time you read this, we’ll already be in Montreal. We’re spending Friday afternoon in Montreal (I have a meeting at 1:30) and then we’ll likely have dinner somewhere in Old Montreal, hopefully somewhere along the St. Lawrence river near the ports. Then we’re driving to our hotel in Ottawa Friday night so we can go to the Panda game. It’s a CIS football game between the Carlton Ravens and the Ottawa Gee Gees.




After that we’re off to explore and relax for the rest of Saturday and Sunday. We’ll be celebrating our 11 year dating anniversary while we’re there and I’m excited for some quality time with my favorite guy. Quality time and beaver tails haha.


Baby Powerhouse: 20 Weeks
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