Here’s a recap of week 19!






  • Baby is approximately 6 inches long from crown to rump and weighs about 8.5 ounces
  • Baby is the size of a mango
  • He/she is getting a protective waxing coating called vernix caseosa, it’s the greasy white substance you sometimes see at birth
  • Baby is still working on developing those 5 senses
  • He/she is getting tiny little hairs on their head
  • Baby’s arms and legs are now proportionate with their body




We also had our 19 week anatomy scan this past week where we were assured baby is progressing right on track and we were also able to determine Baby Powerhouse’s gender…


Tyson’s dog tag was a fun way to let family know


This is not my actual ultrasound image – it’s a generic one the clinic sent


We are so happy baby is healthy and are so excited to start planning even more for our little man’s arrival!




Things are definitely growing and starting to move around here!


Weight gained: My guess is somewhere between 5-8 pounds. I find out for sure at my next appointment


Workouts: Feeling awesome! Squats, deadlifts, incline bench and overhead press are all feeling great!





Symptoms:  Headaches seemed to have slowed down for now *knock on wood* and my only real symptom is aching feet. I’m not sure what’s bringing it on but I’m just trying to stay hydrated and keep them elevated when I can. I also did an epsom + mint + lavender foot soak the other day.




Food Aversions: Still nothing. I’ve never been a picky eater though.


Food Cravings: I’ve been in the mood for fall foods like soups, stews and casseroles but I get like this every September when the temperature drops a bit.




I’m also still loving my egg, cheese and jelly sandwiches.


egg sandwich


Sleep: Snoogle is treating me right. No sleep complaints here.


Maternity clothes?: Nothing yet


Stretch marks? Nadda


Fun/Weird Stuff From the Week: I’m starting to feel this little nugget move around which has been really cool. It started early last week when I was doing glute bridges and thought I felt something. That night I went home and must’ve done like 200 glute bridges to try and feel him again but nothing. Then two days later I felt little movements when I was doing bodyweight rows. Now if I have dinner then lie down I can usually feel him moving. It was pretty strong the other day and Steve even thought he could feel him in my lower abdomen.


We went to a football game in Waterloo on Saturday...and got soaked but had so much fun seeing our athletes play
We went to a football game in Waterloo on Saturday…and got soaked but had so much fun seeing our athletes play


Baby Items Purchased: Nothing this week but now that we know it’s a boy I’ve started pinning outfits like crazy! My plan with baby stuff is to get the necessities and get most other things as we need it. I hear so many new parents say they never even used half the stuff they bought so I’m trying to be mindful.


I will be getting a few of these outfits though 😉


Looking Forward To: Picking out a name (we have a few strong contenders) and feeling little man move around more. I’m also getting handed off from my family physician to my OB in the next couple weeks and am excited to meet my new doctor.


Any baby items that are an absolute ‘must have?’


Baby Powerhouse: 19 Weeks [Gender Reveal!]

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