Here’s a little 17 week update!


baby h 17 weeks



  • Baby is about 5.1 inches long, almost 6 ounces and the size of a pomegranate or onion
  • His/her rubbery cartiledge is turning into bone
  • Baby is putting on some fat over those tiny muscles
  • He/she can move their joints and sweat glands are beginning to form
  • Baby is developing myelin around it’s spinal cord



I’ll say this, this past week I haven’t really felt pregnant at all. No real symptoms, no cravings, no nausea (thank goodness) nothing. It’s nice because I can carry on with life as usual but at the same time I just keep thinking ‘shouldn’t I feel different?’ However, everything checked out A-OK at the doctor’s so I’m just going to enjoy feeling awesome.


Weight gained: At my doctor’s appointment I was only up 4 pounds from my initial appointment there. My stomach actually looks smaller this week too which is kind of weird. However, I was having some bloating and digestion issues which have since cleared up so I’m guessing that’s why things have leveled off. I’m also losing muscle mass (insert sad face) because I can’t lift as much which is likely another reason for the tiny weight gain thus far.


baby h 17 weeks 2


Workouts: Everything has been feeling great and I’m getting in 5 workouts a week on average. I have stopped doing most ab exercises now and will likely just do light bracing ab movements from this point on. Things like some light plank and anti-rotational movements. The thing is, we use our abs all the time and I’m very aware of my core. When I squat, deadlift, do overhead presses, etc I know I’m using my core muscles and I don’t want to be over-training my abs right now.


Symptoms: Migraines. Ugh. I’ve had migraines most of my life – thanks mom! – but this past week they’ve been especially aggravating.


Food Aversions: Nadda


Food Cravings: Still nothing. I’ve been especially loving eggs in the morning but that’s not out of the ordinary for me.


Sleep: I’m *trying* to get better about sleeping on my side but it’s really not my favorite. We did get a new mattress – upgraded to a king! – and it’s super dooper comfortable so hopefully that makes the transition easier.


baby h 17 weeks


Maternity clothes?: Not maternity specific but I did go buy some new sports bras. I was a 32 B before and now…I’m a 34D! I actually got a 36D at the fitting expert’s recommendation so I can grow into it a bit. I also got sports bras that do up at the front so once the babe arrives I can use them for nursing too.

Stretch marks? Nope!


Miss Anything? Just Advil when a nasty migraine strikes.


Fun/Weird Stuff From the Week: We got to hear baby’s heartbeat! They were extremely squirmy but it was so awesome to be able to hear that sweet pitter patter. Other than that this week was pretty uneventful. We’re headed to the cottage this weekend and I’m excited for some family time and relaxation.


Baby Items Purchased: Nothing. We find out gender in just over two weeks…then the fun can begin!


Looking Forward To: Still waiting to feel this babe move. My doctor said that because I have strong ab muscles it may take longer. Boo!

Mama’s anything you couldn’t live without during pregnancy?

Baby Powerhouse: 17 Weeks
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