Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing holiday season filled with lots of laughs, love, and hopefully a few good meals too. I know Steve and I fully enjoyed the holidays and everything that comes along with them.


Christmas break is actually crazy busy here at Powerhouse, many of our student athletes who are away at university come home which means we get swamped, but in a really good way. It’s so awesome to have our guys all back training together, most of them play against each other during the season but are good friends off the field.


Here is a little video of some of the New Year’s pump work they went through (you will likely have to watch it on youtube….damn copywrite):





Anyways I thought I’d share some of the at home HIIT workouts I gave to my boot camp ladies to have on hand over the holidays. Hope you like them!











holiday hustle hiit


Check in with you guys lata!


P.S. Stay warm if it’s exceptionally chilly/snowy like it is here in London right now


At Home HIIT Workout

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