Well hey there! Anyone out there have Valentine’s day plans for Saturday? This will be the 10th! Valentines day that Steve and I have spent together as a couple and we always like to keep it pretty low key. We normally cook dinner together, drink some wine and watch a movie. I actually have some ice wine that I received for Christmas that I think we may need to bust out. Growing up in the Niagara area I spent my fair share of time around wine. I actually worked at Peller Estates in high school, talk about a gorgeous place to go to work everyday.

I’ve been trying to film more videos and write up more workouts lately (I actually sent a new at home workout to all of my wonderful subscribers over the weekend) and on Monday I managed to film and edit a few new ab exercises.

I do ab exercises 3-4 times per week in various forms. I don’t train abs for aesthetic purposes (although it is a nice byproduct) but rather I train abs so that I can maintain a strong core and perform all of my lifts efficiently. Placing heavy loads on your back and pulling heavy weight from the ground requires a strong core to avoid injury. I perform ab exercises using various rotational, anti-rotation, crunch and stability movements.


At Home Ab Exercises | www.PowerhouseFitFoodie.com


Today’s exercises are all performed on the floor – I have more to share that are performed standing and in plank – and they provide various levels of difficulty.


These can be performed with or without the med ball.



These crunch and tap abs are a new favourite of mine. Make sure you keep your knees at 90 degrees, even when you lower your legs, and that your low back remains pressed into the ground throughout the movement. The initial crunch is very small, don’t try and jerk your neck up.

These are a little more challenging and you can perform them with bent knees to make things easier.


I hope these help spice up your ab routine and give you something new to try. If you want to see more exercise demonstrations and written at home workouts, check out my interactive collection HERE. Also, if you want to join my awesome subscribers who get workouts that I don’t highlight on my blog, join using the form below.

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At Home Ab Exercises
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