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So I think it’s only fair that I share a little about myself with you so here it goes. I guess I really began my fitness journey over 9 years ago after meeting my then boyfriend, Steve at University. When I was younger I was extremely active in ringette, dance, softball, gymnastics and competitive springboard diving. I was always moving and always working out in some capacity and could basically shove anything in my mouth without worry.



When I got to high school my participation in sports slowed way down but my eating habits did not. The summer before grade 10 I worked in a bakery/ice cream shop and the weight started coming on. I didn’t really notice I was getting any bigger until one day my shorts just wouldn’t go up. I stayed pretty consistent throughout the rest of high school randomly losing then gaining 5-10 pounds.



When I went to University I met Steve who completely changed the way I looked at fitness. Before I met Steve I was one of those people who thought that if I began lifting weights, especially heavy weights, that I would bulk up and look like a mini female Arnold. I was a typical cardio bunny  (I hated it) but I didn’t know any other way. However with some convincing and guidance Steve got me in the weight room during the second semester of first year. He was patient and kind and showed me proper technique for lifting weights. He pushed me and encouraged me to set realistic goals and kept making sure I was progressing forward and changing up my routine.


During the summer between first and second year I continued going to the gym and also cut out most of the crap food I’d been putting in my body (Kraft Dinner and chicken fingers were my weakness) and started being more careful with my food selection. Nothing crazy or restrictive, just more aware. I managed to drop about 15 pounds with no real sacrifice, just small changes to my diet.




While I was still figuring this whole ‘healthy lifestyle’ thing out I tried a few things – some worked, others didn’t and I even tried a few things I’m not so proud of now that I’m a trainer and nutrition specialist.

I did stupid things like the master cleanse, an all shake diet, keto (low carb) and just about every other catchy dieting trend. I didn’t really have a clue how to fuel myself properly or how food worked in my body so I just jumped on the trend bandwagon.

I looked good, but my energy levels were crap and I just knew there had to be a better way. So I finally stopped looking for short term answers and educated myself. I learned how different macro-nutrients worked in our body and how to fuel it for maximum performance. I stopped the crazy restrictions and found something sustainable that I could do all the time. I also stopped looking as exercise as a way to simply lose weight and started looking at it as a way to build lean muscle and get those strong curves I always wanted. Looking back it’s funny to think of all the things I tried in my quest to ‘get lean’ and while I definitely wasted time, I’m happy I can now help other ladies avoid the same thing.


me bikini favourite
Fast forward to now – Steve and I are happily married after dating for 10 years, we own our own athlete strength and conditioning facility called Powerhouse Training Systems and I get to do something I love every.single.day. I’ve written a book and now train and coach women from all over the world.


My mission in life is to help people. Help people find balance, have confidence to go after what they want (we opened our own facility at 22) and live a life they love. Corny? Probably, but I want to live a life of passion and helping other people is what sets my soul on fire.


If you made it this far, congrats haha – you’re a rockstar.


Come hang out on instagram, twitter or snapchat (@powerhousechels) or shoot me an email powerhousechels@gmail.com and let’s talk fitness, nutrition or whatever floats your boat.