Hi there! Hope everyone had a safe, happy and healthy weekend! It was pretty nice out here in London, weather that I hope holds over until our mini-getaway this coming weekend.


We just laid low this weekend and relaxed around the house. I’m trying to plan out the trails we will be hiking this weekend in the Lion’s Head/Tobermory area where the cottage is. There are a bunch of group hikes going on this coming weekend and as much as I love being social – I just want to have some quality one on one time with my favourite guy and our pup.




Tyson absolutely LOVED the cottage the last time we went so I can’t wait to bring him with us again. I’ve mentioned it before but Steve and I are really a no frills kinda couple, just being together, especially outdoors and spending some solid quality time together is everything I could ask for for our upcoming anniversary.


Saturday was also a re-feed day for me. A re-feed day is different than a ‘cheat’ day in that I’m still eating healthy, clean foods, just ones with higher carb content to refuel me and fill up my depleted glycogen stores.


I had rice cake cereal (an awesome idea from Electra over at Vanilla Bean Lean), a slice of Ezekiel sprouted grain bread, some extra brown rice, and potatoes with dinner. Like I said, it’s definitely not a cheat but it is refuelling me for another week of training.



Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers, Taters, & Southwest

Broccoli Slaw (recipe coming soon!)


After our planning on Saturday, Sunday was spent looking at furniture (so domestic I know :P) and doing food prep for the following week.




I made up a big batch of beef, potato and acorn squash stew for Steve along with some baked oat cakes for the both of us. I also stocked up on some necessities, like almond milk, Greek Yogurt, and eggs. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Steve and I both thoroughly enjoy our eggs (that’s 72 whole eggs and 12 jumbo cartons of egg whites for those interested). When we have company they ask if we loaded up on eggs just for their visit, they kind of look at us funny when I explain our fridge pretty much always looks like that.


I also made adjustments to my meal plan to get ready for my next phase which I had Steve look over. I’m so thankful that I’m pretty proficient in manipulating my macros and things like that on my own. I have an excel spreadsheet with everything all laid out for me, I <3 excel. I don’t know how people without a coach and who don’t have a firm grasp on nutrition do it. You cannot follow a cookie cutter plan! You don’t want to peak and cut too early but you need to know what move around and when for it to have maximum effect on your physique without sacrificing muscle.


It’s definitely not something you should jump into without proper knowledge of what you’re doing to your body. It’s also not something that someone with a disordered outlook toward food should undertake until they a 100% sure they can handle it. I have never dealt with this, but after the past 7 weeks of prepping it’s easy to see how someone with an ED past could fall prey to all of the macro tracking and planning it takes.


I suppose that’s why some people don’t count calories when they prep, they just count servings. Like saying 1 serving fruit, 1 serving starch, 1 serving protein. I think an approach like that may be more beneficial to some.


I will say this, anyone thinking of competing should make sure they have the support system to do so. I can’t imagine going through prep and not having great people around you encouraging you. Some people don’t understand contest prep, they think people starve themselves and look like they do on stage year round. I know that even in my contest prep I am eating more than others do on a regular basis – under-eating is not a concern of mine right now.


I am fortunate to have an awesome support system. Steve has been so amazing these past 2 months and I know he’ll continue to be there for me for the next 2. He always commends me for sticking to my plan, doesn’t taunt me with food that he knows I can’t have (which really wouldn’t bother me anyways) and just makes me feel really good and helps me keep a good attitude toward the whole thing.


My sister and mom have also been awesome. I’m going to visit my sister in Toronto in a couple of weeks and she has already scouted out a couple of awesome restaurants that she knows serve healthy fresh food and have no problem taking custom orders. My mom went with me to pick up my awesome clear heels 😉 and has just been an amazing confidence booster.


I’ve also gotten some great tips from Kierston over at Candy Fit. She just a did a post on breaking in your heels and is just a very sweet, encouraging person.




Anyways I’m off to go and get my bench session in for the day, if it feels good I’ll post a video of it later on today.


Have a great day and remember:


If it’s important you’ll find a way. If it isn’t you’ll find an excuse.


9 Weeks Out–Support is Key
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  • September 24, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    I am so proud and excited for you! I’m so amazed by your grasp on things, too!

    I do rice cake cereal, too, and had no idea Electra blogged about it! cool!
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