Hey everyone! I know I mentioned in my last post that I would be sharing some videos and things before Steve and I went up to the cottage on Friday for our anniversary trip, but life got in the way. Sometimes that just happens. As much as I love blogging and trying to post more often, my personal life will always be number one, that’s just the way it goes.


Anyways Steve and I are back in London and at work after an amazing long weekend getaway to the cottage to celebrate our 7 year anniversary! We went to his parents cottage up near Tobermory and it was awesome!


The cottage was the perfect place for us to go for this trip. We got to bring Tyson (who had a blast) and as I said before, Steve and I love the outdoors. Some people like to give and get material things to celebrate but Steve and I are an ‘experience couple’. I’d much rather go away together for the weekend and go hiking and just be alone together than get a bunch of gifts or flowers.


Steve did however get me a new pair of kicks, as I was in dire need.



Ya, they’re as awesome as they look 😉


We went up Friday morning (it’s about a 3.5 hour drive) and I was excited from the get go. I love driving just Steve and I, it’s nice to just take in the scenery and talk.


We stopped in Hanover to let Tyson out and to stretch our legs for a bit. Tyson absolutely loved the park.




Friday we just hung out around the cottage, took Tyson for a walk, made some dinner, watched some movies, and played some old school games.




Saturday we got up, had a killer breakfast, then headed out to hike High Dump. High dump is part of the Bruce Trail (which is 1500km long) and it is a pretty challenging hike that runs along Georgian Bay. We spent almost 6 hours there including lunch and swim time.


Get ready for picture overload:







It was incredible! We had such a great time! There was lots of climbing up and down and over so when we got home we were famished! We cooked up an awesome dinner which I fully enjoyed as part of my last cheat meal before my competition. We also enjoyed some vino 😉




The rest of the night was spent playing Jenga, watching more movies, and Tyson sleeping. He was absolutely wiped out!




Sunday we did some more walking with Tyson, took him for one final swim and then headed home.





It was the perfect weekend with my perfect guy. I am so incredibly blessed and consider myself lucky each and everyday for having him in my life.


Today is our actual anniversary so I’ll have to make him some of his favourite things for dinner tonight to celebrate (some more). Tomorrow I’ll be back and I’ll give you guys the low down on how we met, as a few of you have asked and I said I would. Get ready for some awesome university pictures.



7 Amazing Years
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