Hey all! Just a quick post today. Hope everyone is having a happy hump day! I know I sure had a pretty fantastic day. I got in my bench workout, plus TWO HIIT sessions.


When I’m making up new combos for my boot camp class I like to test them out so I can make sure they flow right and deliver the pain and out of breathness I’m looking for. I made up this combo yesterday and filmed it and tried it out on my class today. It should leave your legs burning and your lungs screaming. Remember that with HIIT you really want to push yourself through those work periods. It is a short, intense workout so to get the most out of it you really need to give it your all. Not everyone will be able to go super fast but as long as you are doing your personal best that’s all that matters.


This particular HIIT workout is 45 sec of work and 15 sec of rest for 6 rounds. Watch the video and then do it along with me! We can feel the burn together!






I hope you have a super sweaty day!



steve and i - laugh

Another picture taken by my lovely sis




6 Min of Hell Leg Burner
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