Hope everyone is having a happy hump day! I know I am. These past couple days I have been filled with energy! I am happy with the way I am feeling and I have absolutely been killing my workouts so far.


This morning I did some prowler/med ball work:




And this afternoon I made friends with the tires and sledgehammer:



sledge black



Since I last changed my meal plan a few weeks ago I thought I would fill you in on some other aspects of my prep!


Well last week I cut out the creatine I was taking, as it can make you retain water, and added in Acetyl L Carnitine and L-Tyrosine into my diet. The carnitine is supposed to have the following benefits:


The carnitine molecule is necessary for the proper movement of fat molecules into the mitochondria for oxidation (fat burning). It seems to be beneficial for individuals suffering from a large array of maladies, including anorexia, chronic fatigue, coronary vascular disease, diphtheria, hypoglycemia, male infertility, muscular myopathies, Rett syndrome, as well as preterm infants, dialysis patients, and HIV+ individuals(1) ALCAR also seems to be very useful for age-associated cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s(2). – SOURCE


Tyrosine is an amino acid that is also responsible for a bunch of good stuff in the body including:


Being used to enhance cognitive performance during times of stress, high-intensity and possibly endurance exercise. L-Tyrosine can be taken to ensure optimal thyroid function when attempting to lose body fat with diet and exercise, as well as enhance the appetite-suppressant effects of thermogenics. – SOURCE



I am taking the tyrosine for improved mental clarity while my diet tightens up and the carnitine to help with fat loss. So why didn’t I start taking these earlier if they are supposed to help?


Well, like with a lot of supplements and fat burners, your body adapts to using them. This is why a lot of people recommend cycling the use of fat burners (ie. 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off). Or using staggered dosing to keep your body guessing. I didn’t want to start using something too early and would rather save it for the home stretch to get the most out of it.


It’s also important to note that I’m not relying on this stuff to help me burn that last bit of fat, rather just using it as an aide of sorts.


In addition to those two supplements I also started taking ZMA to help me sleep better at night. A lot of people complain of lack of sleep in the final month of prep as your body is under a great deal of stress. ZMA is supposed to help you get better quality sleep, and help you enter your REM cycle more efficiently.


Aside from that things are pretty much the same. I am taking more BCAA now though as I am only eating 4 meals a day at this point. My meals all have the exact same macro breakdown which makes it kinda easy to plan out as you can eat your meals in any order.


I made up an excel spreadsheet (nerd) of all of the meal combos I can have that fit into my macros and simply pick what I feel like eating that day. I have been on a massive egg kick lately and have been having rosemary, parmesan eggs pretty much everyday for breakfast along with my new favourite flax pancake. Seriously, that pancake tastes just like french toast.




I am also absolutely obsessed with green beans and zucchini, and because I can have as many of them as I want, I have been gobbling them up like it’s no one’s business. Seriously, the other day I cleared the shelf at the grocery store. So if you live in London and notice there is a zucchini shortage, sorry.


Steve put together a video for me of my sled drag circuit so hopefully I’ll have it ready soon to share with you guys!



5 Weeks Out: Repetition & Changes
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