Hey all! How is everyone’s week going so far? I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, not that I’m complaining.



Steve and I spent Easter weekend at the cottage and it was glorious. Tyson definitely loved every minute of it.





I absolutely love it up there. It’s just nice to getaway now and then, and I especially love any place we can bring Tyson. The next little trip we have on the agenda is heading out to Radium Hot Springs, BC in a month for a friend’s wedding. I’ve never been to BC and am so excited to go and hopefully take in some of the sights.



Talk about a view!



On the training agenda things have been progressing along. I started adding in (well Steve made me) some safety squat bar squats to a lower box for sets of 10 or so after my main squat work. I was getting lazy and not staying tight at the bottom of the lift and after only do this for a few workouts I can already notice a difference.



My deadlifts have been a little off lately, they just feel heavier than they should, so I’ve still been doing paused deadlifts where I re-set after every rep. Again, I need to get tight at the bottom of the lift.



My bench is feeling pretty good though! Today I hit 160lbs which I’m stoked about. I’ve been doing sets of paused bench after my main lift to work on being explosive off the chest and using my leg drive while keeping my ass on the bench (my hips have a nasty habit of thrusting up, just something I need to be diligent in correcting).



I actually took the time to record a quick HIIT workout as I haven’t posted a video in forever. It only takes 5 minutes but if you push it you will be a sweaty mess by the end.




I love quick and dirty workout finishers. Ain’t nobody got time to spend hours doing cardio. I hope you give it a shot, it’s a good one.




5 Minute Slam Ball HIIT
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