Hey all! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Maybe even went to some fun Halloween parties?


My weekend was full of fun, and even included a carb up! Since my carbs are very low, it’s important for me to refill my glycogen stores to ensure I can keep up with my workouts and everyday life in general. So Saturday I got to work refuelling!


I kept my refuel extremely clean, no cupcakes or sugary sweets here. I had oats (oh how much I’ve missed oats), brown rice cakes, popcorn & pasta! It was glorious. I was so busy enjoying my food that I didn’t snap a single picture of me eating it. I had tons of energy and my Saturday deadlift session felt awesome.


Saturday night Steve and I went out to a masquerade party at his brother’s house for a birthday party for his lovely wife Lauren. Around dinner I met up with Lauren at MAC to get my makeup done. Nothing like having someone else glam you up.




When I got back from MAC Steve and I ate dinner, and headed out to Tillsonburg for the evening. It was an awesome party, Lauren and Chris are always amazing hosts!


Here are some party pics:



Yes, that was Steve’s mask lol



Those cupcakes looked soooooo good…only 25 more days till I can indulge


We left the party at about 1am and headed home to check on Tyson. Steve took him for a walk (we always walk the dog when we get home, regardless of how late it is) and I made some popcorn for both of us. My last carby treat!



The next day we slept in and I made breakfast for Steve and I. Steve had eggs and toast and I had my go-to breakfast.



Zucchini hash, scrambled eggs & flax seed pancakes.


After gobbling down breakfast I picked up my mom and we headed out to Eldon House which is a historic house here in London that was having a ghost walk-through.

Fall at Eldon House

front hall



It was a really nice day out with my mom exploring something neither of us had been to before. I think we may start making it a weekly thing. Coffee and an outing!


Knowing that I am less than 30 days out from the competition is making me super antsy. My workouts continue to progress, I haven’t missed a lift or had to back off on the weights at all yet. I think I hit a slight plateau last week with my weight, which is to be expected. Hopefully my carb-up gets things moving again, I’m not worried as I keep being reminded that weight loss is not linear.


I’ve really been practicing my posing in my suit to check out what angles work best for me and working on having lots of personality.


Oh and as promised here is a look at one of the conditioning circuits Steve put me through last week. This one was a doozey, and I did it twice!



Click HERE for all my workouts.


Sorry if I’ve been slow replying to emails lately, I’ve just been a little overwhelmed with questions, but keep them coming, I love hearing from you guys!



4 Weeks Out: Carb Up, Masks & Adventures {Video}
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5 thoughts on “4 Weeks Out: Carb Up, Masks & Adventures {Video}

    • October 31, 2012 at 9:47 pm

      Hahah thanks! I don’t take that as creepy at all coming from you!. I loved your last post on training frequency. I find that usually don’t write for beginners, I don’t know why but it’s like I expect everyone to just know things, which obviously isn’t the case, lol

  • November 4, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    I’ve never commented on your blog before, but I love your workouts! I’m trying to get into strength training and your circuit style workout videos have been helpful 🙂 Thanks!
    PS. LOVE your pink shorts. I need to get a pair…

    • November 7, 2012 at 3:55 pm

      Thanks! I’m going to be posting more workout’s next week hopefully I have a few different strength/circuit ones that I’ve written up, I just need someone to film them for me.

      The shorts are from aritzia, just the TNA ones. I think they were only $15 or so!


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