I set a new deadlift PR! Super pumped as 300 lbs is just around the corner. I also got in some solid full body and conditioning work.

Rolled out and did a dynamic warm-up which included some skipping, cossack squats and band work then jumped right into it.
1. Broad Jumps 5 x length

2. Trap Bar Deadlift – worked up to 285lbs x 1

3a) Walking Overhead Lunges 3 x trip

b) Underhand Pulldown 3 x 12

c) Bent DB Raise 3 x 12

4a) Glute Ham Raise 4 x max

b) V-Handle Band Row w/ Hold 4 x 10

c) Plank 30 sec hold/30 sec dips x 4

5 Prowler – As many trips as possible in 10 min

285lb Deadlift PR & Full Body Workout
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