Here’s my workout from earlier on today. The squats felt a little rusty at the start but I worked back into the groove. I’m still following a version of the 5/3/1 program for gaining strength on all my main lifts.


It’s really important to have a program that has proper progressions (and regressions when needed) so that you keep progressing and moving forward.


My accessory work is usually nothing to crazy. I think some people bounce around too much and want to do too many exercises without focusing on why they’re doing that exercise or the rep scheme/weight they’re using.


Steve does all of my general programming for me. I love having someone else do my programming for me. I say all coaches need coaches and having someone else look after my programming is awesome. Programming is an art form, some people are extremely talented at it (like Steve) while others just slap stuff together without much thought. If you’re paying for programming you should be sure to ask lots of questions like:

  • What progression formula are you following?
  • Why are we doing these accessory exercises?
  • Why did you choose this split?
  • What should I be doing for rehab/prehab work?


The list goes on and on. If your trainer can’t answer these questions….get a new one. Just because someone has a certification does not make them qualified. These days anyone can become a trainer (which is sad). Ask lots of questions and make sure you get answers you are happy with!


Now that I’m done with that little rant, here’s my workout from today!



As always, if you have any questions for me email me:


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22/05: Squat Session & Programming

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