Hey party peeps. Ever since last week I have been fighting this nasty chest cold/congestion/infection which I’m hoping *knocks on wood* is almost over. I hate it when I’m sick and it just drags on and on – I’d rather be on my ass sick for 24 hours then just feeling crappy but still somewhat functional for over a week.



Well enough of me feeling sorry for myself, on to the post! I’m going to keep this short and concise, for fear of boring you, but if you have any specific questions I’d be happy to get into the nitty gritty just email: chelsey@powerhousefitfoodie.com



2013 vs. 2012 Prep – The (Main) Differences





1. I ate carbs/carb cycled the entire prep. Last year I went low carb for pretty much my last 6 weeks, taking a keto approach because I thought it would help me lose the weight I needed. I did lose weight but I also lost muscle. No bueno.


Chester agrees – popcorn is awesome


 2. I carb backloaded the entire prep. I started following carb backloading last year immediately following my show and I kept up with this style of eating (no carbs during the day, only at night) throughout my prep. I still love this style of eating. It keeps me from crashing from insulin spikes throughout the day, allows me to keep up with my heavy lifting, and I get to eat a bunch of carbs at night which is my favourite time! (I typically work until 8pm so it’s nice that my only sit down, at home meal is a hearty one)


 wiaw 10 days


3. I did less steady state work and more heavy lifting/high volume stuff. Last year I was still lifting heavy throughout contest prep and I’ve never done traditional steady state cardio (treadmill, jogging, elliptical, etc). This year I still did prowler tempo work but I also did more prowler sprints, HIIT workouts, KB combos etc. They are fast and get the job done.



I really do think that the training program Steve put me on for my last 6 weeks made a huge difference though. It was heavy and high volume, without being too much. I’ve kept up with it post show and am still loving it!


max hiit


4. I focused less on the scale and more on the mirror. I tell my clients all the time to not worry so much about the number on the scale and instead go based off how they feel and how their clothes fit but damn, it can definitely be hard advice to take. Especially when some contests even post the stage weight of the girls competing, like it matters! I am 5’3.5 (I thought I was 5″4 but apparently I was wrong – whoomp whoomp) and before the show I was sitting comfortably at around 140-145lbs. When I was prepping this year I really didn’t get to around 135lbs until 4 weeks out or so and then the last bits came off within the last couple weeks. I was a good deal heavier than last year and I absolutely LOVED the way I looked compared to last year. I was more solid, yet more sculpted – proof that heavy lifting works wonders.


2012 vs 2013



5. I had more experience. Having experience is invaluable. Both shows I have done with only Steve’s help with things. I did my own nutrition for both and Steve has done the majority of my training programming. I had no one show me how to pose, no one tell me what to expect, I went solely based off of what other people’s experience had been. Going in this year I knew what to expect and that definitely made things easier for me.



Now comes the next question, will I compete again? I’m not sure. I love the prep part (well most of it) and having a goal but I can achieve that in other ways too. I had an absolute BLAST at my photo shoot (I’ll share the pics I have back tomorrow) so that is something I am considering getting into more. I understand that fitness competitions are entirely subjective, that is their nature, but I don’t know if I love where the industry is headed. It seems more and more silicone is showing up every year and while I don’t have any issue with women enhancing themselves, it almost seems to have become the norm for serious competitors.



I really enjoy lifting heavy so maybe powerlifting may find it’s way into my future. I’m not saying never and I’m not saying for sure but I am a totally goal driven person so I’m sure I’ll pick something in the next few months, and when I do I’ll be sure to update you 😉



2013 vs 2012 Prep – Less Focus on the Scale, More Heavy Lifting

3 thoughts on “2013 vs 2012 Prep – Less Focus on the Scale, More Heavy Lifting

  • December 12, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    loved this post and the comparisons. it’s always good to look back on what worked and what didn’t. i’ve only just decided to compete again next may and will be taking a similar approach – crossfit hiit style for cardio, heavy lifting and even better nutrition than before. 🙂
    Ali recently posted..Santa Slim Down Challenge: Tips for losing cmsMy Profile

  • December 16, 2013 at 10:15 am

    Yes, yes, yes do powerlifting!!!! You will kill it! I can’t believe there is 12lbs difference between those photos – you made such an improvement in only a year, so well done you!
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..Too tired for leg dayMy Profile


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