Woot woot! Despite it being frigidly cold here in London (school has been cancelled and we’re the only business open in our little strip) I am feeling awesome! As I’ve mentioned previously I’ve been following a high volume, sub max training protocol since before my bikini competition and absolutely loving it. I finished up my 6 week cycle last week and so Steve suggested I test my maxes this week as I haven’t done that in while.





Ya I wore a long sleeve and pants for most of my workout 😛




PR #1 came yesterday on box squats. Box squats are tricky buggers, they require a lot of technique (like most lifts) but I was having a hard time keeping my air and staying tight on the box for a few of my sets. Here is what my workout yesterday looked like:



Warmup – roll, ton of mobility work

CNS Activation – weighted dumbbell squat jumps

Box Squats – 95lbs x 5 / 115 x 5 / 135 x 3 / 155 x 2 / 175 x 1 / 195 x 1 / 205 x 1 / 215 x fail / 215 x 1 / 225 x fail

Accessory Work – overhead step ups, glute ham raise, dumbbell Romanian deadlifts





215!!! I was pumped! When I attempted 225lbs I was wearing a belt for the first time (yes, first time, I’ve never worn a belt to lift before) and I definitely wasn’t used to how it feels, plus, I lost my tightness at the bottom of the lift. Next time!



Today’s Workout

Warmup – roll, mobility work

CNS Activation – Med ball throws

Bench – 85lbs x 5 / 100 x 3 / 115 x 2 / 135 x 1 / 145 x 1 / 155 x 1 / 165 x fail / 160 x fail

Accessory Work – Bodyweight rows, overhead dumbbell carries, 1 arm pulldowns, some light ab work




Now you may be wondering why I went for 165lbs before 160, well I had already hit a PR so I figured why not? I’ve wanted to get 150lbs for the longest time so hitting 155lbs was awesome. Now I’ve got my short term goal set at 165lbs and my long term goal is 185lbs, which would be badass.


It’s so funny because when I first started lifting I could barely bench 65lbs. 95lbs was my first goal, then 115lbs and then I wanted to bench 135lbs (bodyweight). That’s what I love about training, there are always new goals, always something else to work and reach for.

In other news, it’s so cold here in London that my poor car didn’t start this morning, I’m lucky that my boss is kinda awesome and we can drive in together 😉





I don’t mind the snow, but when it’s this cold it’s hard to look cute at the same time (priorities right?). I now understand why my Auntie from Winnipeg laughs at how us Ontarians try and looks so nice when we go outside.


I like to attempt to look put together when I leave the house




With it being so cold I’m happy I made a giant batch of soup yesterday. I love my crockpot and how it makes delicious things while I’m at work.







That’s it for today friends. Tomorrow is a light training day so I can hopefully get a new PR on deadlifts Thursday!



2 PR’s in 2 Days!!!
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5 thoughts on “2 PR’s in 2 Days!!!

  • January 8, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Your bench is INSANE! I think I’m also just jealous because I can’t bench heavy because of my eye 🙁

    My coach started making me wear a belt about 4 months ago. I still can’t squat in it and I protest non-stop when he makes me wear it for log pressing. My problem is I always forget about it until my last set, and then I’m not used to it so it messes up my lift. Tonight I forced myself to do all of my sets from 80% upwards with the belt. I eventually grew tired and ripped it off haha! I think it does help, but it can just be a bit painful and restrict your breathing somewhat.

  • January 8, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    I wondered why my comment went to moderation and then I saw…. Sweat like a Pigrr!!! Hahaha totally changing the name of my blog 😉
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..PR weekMy Profile

    • January 14, 2014 at 3:53 pm

      Hahah when I saw that Sweat Like a Pigrrr….I pictured a jacked pirate pig….is that weird?

    • January 14, 2014 at 3:53 pm

      Thanks! Excited to see what I can manage in another 6 weeks 🙂


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