Well hello! Ya so…..that was an unexpected blogging break. My server crashed not long after my last post and took quite some time to get back up and running. Aside from technical difficulties I felt like I just needed a bit of a break as well.



I’ve discussed my issues with anxiety a few times on the blog before and I had a some issues with it a couple weeks ago. I didn’t feel like sharing at the time and didn’t want to pretend to be fine on here so I just took a lovely little break from some things. You see, I have general anxiety, I can literally just wake up one morning and feel super anxious for no apparent reason. It sucks. It sucks because I feel like I don’t have control over the way I’m feeling and it’s awful for those around me (especially Steve) who ask ‘what’s making you anxious? How can I help?” and you have no answer for them. It causes me to be a bit more anti-social as well which, if you know me, is definitely not my usual bubbly personality.





Luckily my anxiety passed, largely thanks to Steve and my family, and I’m definitely feeling more like my old self. The thing I need to remember is to not beat myself up for taking some time to myself to get straightened out. My anxiety is so much better than it was in university but it’s still something I struggle with. (Please note, my anxiety was not caused by prepping for my show, I wouldn’t compromise my health, physical or mental, for 10 minutes on stage).



Well, now that that’s out of the way, let’s chat! So I am 16 days out from my next show…..eeek! Prepping for a show is like a roller coaster ride, there are ups and downs but if you stick it out it’s one hell of a ride. This year’s prep has definitely been a lot easier on me. I’m absolutely loving carb backloading still and having high and low days, rather than going keto (super low carb) has done wonders for preserving my muscle mass.



This year it is likely I will step on stage a good 10lbs heavier than last year – and I’m really happy with that. I will admit that during last year’s prep the scale definitely got to me. Despite Steve telling me to just go by the mirror I was measuring a good chunk of my progress by how much I could get that number on the scale to drop. I started prep last year around 140lbs and walked on stage at just under 120lbs. Granted a good amount of that was water weight I shed during my final week but a lot of it was muscle mass.



Despite what some people still think, putting on muscle as a woman is not an easy thing and it took me a long time to try and build back up. I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made over the past year and am excited to see what I bring to the stage in a little over 2 weeks. I have laid out my water manipulation strategy (I know a lot of people are going away from this but it worked really well for me last year) and I have to say I’m NOT looking forward to going to the bathroom like 100 times a day.



A few weeks ago I also switched up my training and am now doing high volume, sub maximal work 4x a week. I freaking love it! It’s something I definitely plan on keeping up after the show. It let’s me get in a ton of work sets and accessory work in a reasonable amount of time. Last week, here’s what my training looked like:




Overhead Press – 16 sets of 3 (weight varied from 55lbs – 75lbs) with 10 facepulls/10 glute bridges between each set
Bench Press 6 sets of 3 (weight varied from 105lbs – 115lbs) with 10 pullaparts and 10 X band walks between each set
Squats – 16 sets of 3 (weight varied from 125lbs – 165lbs) with 5 glute ham raises between each set

 These workouts take about an hour and 15 min – minimal rest



Squats – 16 sets of 3 (weight varied from 125lbs – 165lbs) with 5 glute ham raises between each set
Deadlift – 16 sets of 3 (weight varied from 205lbs – 245bs) with 10 calf raises between each set
Bench Press 6 sets of 3 (weight varied from 105lbs – 115lbs) with 10 pullaparts and 10 X band walks between each set




Light upper back work, med ball, abs, prowler




Same as Monday




Same as Tuesday




A ton of walking lunges, upper back work, abs, light prowler


Light med ball work, prowler, burpees (because hey, why not?)



Ok so that’s enough for one post. I’ll stop talking and just share some pictures from the past little while mmmk? And if you want to stalk follow me on Instagram I’ve been posting most of my meals and stuff there!






Pssssst….if you press that blue next button it will load more pictures 🙂



2.5 Weeks Out – Keep Pushing Forward

4 thoughts on “2.5 Weeks Out – Keep Pushing Forward

  • November 8, 2013 at 8:39 am

    Happy to hear that the anxiety has faded – I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. But you’re looking fantastic and I can’t wait to hear how the competition goes!

    • November 9, 2013 at 2:23 pm

      Thanks Sam, anxiety sucks. It’s one thing that makes me feel so unlike my usual self, and it’s frustrating as hell. Feeling so much better now and getting excited/nervous to get on stage!

    • November 9, 2013 at 2:22 pm

      Thanks Tara, ya it’s a ton of volume but it’s awesome. I’m definitely nervous but excited to see how it all turns out 🙂


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