Hey there! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend –

I sure did so let’s catch up, mmmmk?


Saturday morning I ran another one of the Powerhouse Challenges here at the gym and once again it was awesome!




And here’s a video from last weekend:



We had an awesome group out and once again everyone really pushed it, I absolutely loved the energy.


Steve ran some speed work with his guys outside and when he was done we decided to head over to his parents house. Steve helped out getting some things done for the family reunion the next, and me, while I just soaked up the beautiful rays.






Steve did have a helper though, Tyson followed Steve around everywhere he went, even when he was on the golf cart.

20130713_141210 20130713_141157

They both took a well deserved dip in the pool to cool off after.


Saturday night Steve treated me to dinner out. We went to Montana’s and I fully enjoyed myself. I went with the ribs, shrimp, watermelon and feta salad and a baked potato while Steve got the brisket. It was delish.

20130713_191658 20130713_191654

The rest of the night was spent watching some of our guys play football and then me barely being able to stay awake until midnight. We were downstairs watching 24 (what else is new?) and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I’m such a party animal ;).

Sunday was the family reunion and the weather was absolutely perfect! We hung out by the pool, ate good food, and I got to catch up with Amy (Steve’s sister and my workout buddy) as she finished up her physiotherapy placement for the year.


So as far as contest prep goes I’m really excited and happy with how things are going. It’s funny because I’d been thinking about this show for a while but when you put it out there it suddenly feels that much more real. I’m still not counting macros yet but I am mindful of what I’m eating.


There are a couple things I’m changing up/keeping an eye on now though. I’m really trying to make sure that my carb nights are low fat. In the past I haven’t been overly strict with this but for carb backloading to really be effective you need to keep it to a minimum. Even on high carb days I’m still taking in a good amount of fat during the day so it’s not like I’ll be lacking. I’ve been doing really good at keeping my low days low, on my non-backloading days I’m good for staying under the 30g mark (not including fiber) so most of these incidental carbs come from nuts, coconut and veggies.


I’m also adding in a post workout carb shake on my heavy training days. I’ve just been using leucine and dextrose (corn sugar) for right now as I want something super fast absorbing. I won’t be taking the dextrose after every workout but with me including more low days than before I want to make sure I don’t compromise muscle mass.




I’m starting further out this time and I’m leaner/more muscular than I was last year so I’m excited to see what the final package looks like. Steve has already been so helpful, writing up extra workouts and helping me with nutrition stuff. He is just so supportive and I couldn’t ask for more.


Today was my first accessory day and we worked glutes (I really want my glutes and hamstrings to be more defined this time around). As I sit here typing this my legs are still quivering. I did banded hip thrusts, glute ham raise and some other things for 5 rounds and then finished off with 100 per leg of rear leg and front foot elevated split squats. Talk about feeling the burn. I’m afraid I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll be back (hopefully tomorrow) with a recipe for these guys here. I just have to try it out one more time to make sure they weren’t a fluke the first time.



Stay cool friends.

15 Weeks Out – Minor Changes
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4 thoughts on “15 Weeks Out – Minor Changes

  • July 17, 2013 at 3:45 am

    Oh man, I can’t wait to go swimming! Only 2.5 weeks until my holiday thank God! Even though it’s hot in London, there’s obviously no beaches for me 🙁

    You think you’re lame for going to bed at midnight?! I went to bed at 9 on Saturday night! Lol. Rob has been away for 3 weeks and it was my last weekend on my own. I felt exhausted and dehydrated so I just called it an early night, no judgement 😉
    Tara @ Sweat like a Pig recently posted..A whole lot of painMy Profile

    • July 17, 2013 at 8:00 am

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one going to bed early. When Steve went away for the weekend a while back I had grand plans of staying up late, watching girly movies and I was out like a light. Your holiday is coming up fast, you must be pumped!


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