Well hello again. I hope all those who had the day off yesterday (like moi – well kinda, I went to the gym in the evening with Steve) enjoyed their long weekend. Ours was spent just lounging around, doing some errands, and playing with the pup.



As I mentioned in Friday’s post, my mom and I went to Stratford to see Fiddler on the Roof as a belated birthday present. It.was.spectacular! I have always loved Fiddler (I’m Russian/Ukrainian where the movie is set) and I just loved everything about the production. The actor who played Tevye was simply outstanding, the traditional dancing was amazing and I had goosebumps most of the show. If you’re 16-29 you can get tickets to the festival for $25 for you and one guest! You just have to sign up to be a Stratford member (which costs nothing). I absolutely love live theatre and feel so lucky that we have such great theatre so close by).


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When the show was over we walked around for a bit (but nearly everything was closed, at 5:30 on a Friday evening in a tourist town) and decided to get some grub before heading home. We got Thai food and I enjoyed some lemongrass soup and basil chicken while my mom got the seafood fried rice. Everything was SO good.


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Saturday night Steve and I went to play mini-putt which we hadn’t done all summer! We both really enjoy playing and sometimes get a little too serious. Saturday we happened to tie though so it was all good. We went to East Park here in London and while I’ve been in London nearly 8 years I’ve never been there. They have go-karts, water slides, an arcade, batting cages, golf, mini-putt and rock climbing. They happen to have 2 mini putt courses but the one course is like impossibly hard – well at least for a non-golfer. The course has no edges and has tons of hills and sand traps and all that jazz. It was so frustrating that Steve and I didn’t finish that one, lol, we stuck to the normal course.




Sunday was spent running out to the mall to try and find new shoes with no luck :(. We both really love Nike Free shoes but couldn’t find any that we loved. We did happen to spot these new Adidas ‘Springblade’ shoes in store.





I think they’re completely ridiculous if I’m being perfectly honest. I do happen to love minimalist shoes so obviously anything with a high heel and crazy stuff on the bottom is going to be off putting to me. They’re definitely made to be a running shoe (as lateral movements seem like they would be difficult and when you’re weight training you want to be able to really feel connected with the ground which is why many people squat and deadlift barefoot) and I think you’d need to also be cautious of where you were running. I mean, what if I rock gets stuck in those blades? Anyways, they’re interesting I guess.



Well now on to the video I made because I was too lazy to type thought it would be fun. If you have any questions drop me a line, I also added Facebook comments to the blog so you can comment right from my Facebook page (which you should totally like by clicking here) and it’ll show up on the blog. Nifty right?





Well that’s it for today. Check ya later with a post on cellulite and things women tend to be ashamed of.

12 Weeks Out {Video Update}
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