Decided I’m going to do a bunch of quick 100 rep workouts for you guys to follow along with. By the time we’re done you’ll be able to combine them together for a full workout or you can just choose one of these 100 rep challenges to use as a quick blast workout or a finisher to your own workout.


The first workout requires that you have a bench although you could very easily do this at home with a chair or couch. No excuses not to workout!


Here is a quick breakdown of the workout:

  • 10 Decline or Incline Pushups (in the video I do decline but you could do them with your hands on the bench if you wanted)
  • 10 Rear leg elevated split squats (10 per leg)
  • 10 Dips
  • 10 Step Ups (10 per leg)
  • 10 Bench Hops
  • 10 Single Leg Glute Bridge (10 per leg)
  • 10 Reverse Crunch & Leg Lower


That gives you 100 reps total. If you are using this on it’s own I would rest 60-90 seconds after completing the whole thing and aim for 2-5 sets.


Here’s the video:




I will be putting up a bit of an exercise guide soon so I can go over proper form for everything. I just hate the way I sound on camera which is why there is currently no talking in any of my videos but I’m trying to get over that.


In a couple days I’ll post the next 100 rep workout which will be a kettlebell challenge.


100 Rep Bodyweight Bench Workout
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