23 Jul

    Ola party peeps! What’s crackin? I have been a busy bee with training and getting things organized around the gym.     I’ve started a new strength program that Steve wrote for me and I am LOVING it! Here is what my week looks like:     Monday – Heavy Squat Progression & Full Body Accessory Work   Tuesday – High Volume Front Squats & Farmer’s Walk Medley. I’m on week 4 and my reps for squats are: 1 x 30, 1 x 20, 5 ... Continue Reading

26 Jun

    Happy almost Friday! It definitely feels like Friday already as it seems most of my clients are leaving today or tomorrow to make it an extra long weekend. It’s kinda random that our holiday is on a Tuesday and I know many people are taking tomorrow and Monday off to make the most of it.     It’s been a pretty good week in terms of training and eating. But really, I rarely have a bad week of eating haha.     Sunday Steve, Tyson and I headed out for a ... Continue Reading

20 Jun

    Friday!!! I have a pretty low key weekend ahead of me (what else is new?) but I’m looking forward to dinner and a movie with my favourite guy.         Tonight I’m actually headed to St.Thomas (where I actually lived for a bit growing up) to hand out some promo material for the Grapes of Wrath 5km obstacle course I mentioned the other day. My mom is also going to tag along so it’ll be nice to have some company.     This week has been a ... Continue Reading

17 Jun

    Well hey there!     First of all I wanted to say thank you to all of you who commented, emailed or shared my last post. I got so many emails – some nice, some not so nice – that it actually crashed my server haha. It’s back up and running today though so if you emailed me and think I’ve been ignoring you I haven’t!     I actually want to address a couple things that people called me out for. #1, yes I do use protein powder in a bunc ... Continue Reading

04 Jun

    Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week so far, I have a lot of awesome stuff happening this weekend so I’m pretty stoked it’s already Wednesday.         I’m not going to beat around the bush and am just going to get right into something that has been eating away at me lately. You may have noticed my posting has been pretty infrequent lately. While I have been very busy lately that’s not the main reason for my lack of updates ... Continue Reading