Chocolate Protein Lava Cake

chocolate lava cake2 (2)

We’re already halfway through the week…how did that happen? This week feels like it’s flying by but I feel like I’m not getting anything done. I feel like I need an extra 4 hours added to my day lately. I’m trying to get our wedding invitations done so I can hand some of them out […]

Powerhouse Weekend Workout – Dec 13

Quick & Sweaty Kettlebell Workout

Hey everyone! Just popping in with a quick workout.       Today’s workout just requires a kettlebell and will definitely have you working up a sweat. Here’s the workout:       Make sure you pick a weight you can manage for the kettlebell cleans, if you’re struggling to get the kettlebell up, drop the […]

Easy Ways to Add Veggies to Any Meal

Easy Ways to Add Veggies to Any Meal |

Welp, I think I caught a bit of that bug that’s been circulating the past few weeks. My throat is sore and the idea of sneezing makes me cringe. I’m going to load up on hot lemon and honey tea and take it a bit easier today in hopes that I can kick this to […]

Meal Prep Monday & Apple Cinnamon Protein Oat Bake {Recipe}


Hey, happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was filled with girl time and a bunch of good food. I’m linking up with Katie’s MIMM because it’s been waaaay too long.   As I mentioned Saturday, I went to the movies on Friday night to see Mockingjay and Saturday I had an […]

Powerhouse Weekend Workout – Dec 6

5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 Workout

Hey! Hope everyone has something they’re looking forward to this weekend. As I already mentioned, I have a fun weekend ahead with some awesome girls and I actually just got in from a little girls night at the movies to go see Mockingjay. Steve’s sister Amy, my friend Mackenzie and I went to see it […]

Simple Weeknight Meals & Easy Apple Berry Crisp {Recipe}


Halfway through the week! This week is moving by pretty quickly which I’ve gotta say I’m pretty happy about. It’s my friend/client/bridesmaid’s birthday on Saturday and I cannot wait to cut loose and dance the night away and enjoy some delish food and cake.     Today is a bit of a slow day in […]

Current Nutrition and Training

me dec 1 2014

Well would you look at that, I’m posting again and it didn’t take me 3 months to do it. The new blog layout is making my life so much easier. I can concentrate on coming up with content rather than trying to format everything.   I’ve had a few questions lately about what I’m doing […]